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CD47 is an integrin associated protein (IAP) and is an immunoglobulin superfamily member.

Strain description


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B-hCD47 mice(B/c)



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Related Genes

Cd47 (CD47 antigen)


Gene Description


CD47 is an integrin associated protein (IAP) and is an immunoglobulin superfamily member. CD47 is widely expressed on cell surface and interacts with the signal regulatory protein α (SIRPα), thrombospondin-1 (TSP1) and integrins to mediate a series of responses including  apoptosis, proliferation and immunity. CD47 is an important “self” mark on the cell surface and inhibits macrophagocytosis by interaction with SIRPα on macrophage surface. Animal studies have shown that a CD47 antibody is an effective treatment for multiple types of tumors. CD47 is another target for tumor immunity following PD-1/PD-L1.

Mouse background


BALB/c : inbred strain used for oncology, immunology, neurobiology and inflammation studies, easily produces plasma cell tumors after injection of mineral oil. A variety of mouse tumor cell lines were derived from the BALB/c background, and this strain is good for tumor formation.

mRNA expression analysis


Fig 1. RT-PCR analysis of CD47 gene. 

The hCD47 mRNA, but not mCD47 mRNA was detected in homozygous B-hCD47 (B/c) mice.

Protein expression analysis


Fig 2. Splenocytes from both wild type (WT) BALB/c and heterozygous B-hCD47 (B/c) mice were analyzed by flow cytometry. 

Mouse CD47+ T cells were detected in both WT BALB/c and heterozygous B-hCD47 (B/c) mice, while human CD47+ T cells were only detected in the heterozygous B-hCD47 (B/c) mice.


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