Animal Models and Cell Lines

>Genetically Modified Rats
B-Pink1 KO rats(Catalog number:B-CR-014)
B-Pink1 KO rats have normal growth and reproduction, without obvious physiological defects.
B-IL2rg KO rats (Catalog number:B-TR-003)
Applications for immunity, inflammation, tumor, heterograft, and transplantation studies.
B-Cas9D10A cKI rats (Catalog number:B-CR-012)
B-Cas9D10A cKI rats are effective model rats mainly applied in specific deletion of single or multiple genes in different tissues and cells. This is accomplished by infecting the model rats using a specific virus expressing Cre and target gene sgRNA(s), thereby deleting one or multiple genes.
B-ApoA4 KO rats (Catalog number:B-TR-001)
Study applications for multiple fields such as heart and blood vessels, atherosclerosis, diabetes, and obesity.
B-LDLR KO rats (Catalog number:B-TR-004)
LDLR(low density lipoprotein receptor) gene knockout (-/-) rats are ideal animal models for atherosclerosis. This gene knockout model can also be applied to disease studies such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia, obesity and type-II diabetes.
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