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We are headquartered in Beijing, China. Our main facilities are strategically located in Beijing, Haimen, Boston, San Francisco and Heidelberg (Germany).

Biocytogen Pharmaceuticals (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

Our headquarters was initially established in Beijing, China in 2009, to engage in the provision of gene editing services, preclinical pharmacology efficacy evaluation services, selling of animal models, antibody development and innovative biologic drug research and development. We have since expanded in order to support the discovery of novel antibody therapeutics.

Gene Editing Services:

As the foundational technology driving the company’s inception, Biocytogen’s gene editing services, supplies custom, gene-edited animal models and cell lines to domestic and international customers, supports internal product development within the company. Over the past ten years, the company has established a reliable and efficient large-scale technical platform. This platform offers a comprehensive array of animal and cell model services by using several methodologies including traditional mouse embryonic stem cell (ESC)/homologous recombination (HR) technology, CRISPR/Cas9-based Extreme Genome Editing (EGE) technology, and extra-large fragment gene recombination technology (Mb scale) based on chromosome engineering. In 2018, more than 1,500 gene editing projects were delivered to customers around the world. Moreover, Biocytogen’s immune checkpoint, cytokine (receptor) humanized mice, the highly immune-deficient (B-NDG®) mice and RenMab mice are being widely used by multinational pharmaceutical R&D companies.

Preclinical Services:

Biocytogen’s Preclinical Services Division, currently focused in immuno-oncology, oncology, and autoimmunity, has established comprehensive in vivo and in vitro pharmacology capabilities and provided world-class services to a broad spectrum of our customers. 

At the core of our in vivo services are a large collection of genetically humanized mouse models of checkpoint inhibitors and cytokine/cytokine receptors, our highly immune-deficient B-NDG mice and their variants, including human immune reconstituted models using human PBMC and CD34+ engraftment, CDX (cell line-derived xenografts) and PDX (patient-derived xenografts) models, and efficient engineering of desired cell line models for both in vivo and in vitro application. Based upon these models, our in vivo pharmacology platform provides in vivo efficacy, pharmacokinetics (PK), pharmacodynamics (PD) and biomarkers, and pathology and toxicology assessments. Complementary to our in vivo capabilities, our in vitro pharmacology platform performs immune cell profiling (e.g. tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TIL) analysis), cytokine profiling, primary T, NK, and macrophage cell-based functional assays such as T cell activation, mixed-lymphocyte reaction (MLR), T cell cytotoxicity, antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC), complement-dependent cytotoxicity (CDC), target binding, receptor occupancy (RO), cell proliferation and cell death, and cell reporter assays. 

We have successfully supported our pharmaceutical and biotech customers in evaluating therapeutics of multiple forms, including biologics (monoclonal antibodies, bispecific antibodies, and recombinant proteins), peptides, small molecules, cell therapy of CAR-T,  and oncolytic viruses. In 2018, our Preclinical Services Division has completed over 500 drug evaluation projects for more than 200 partners worldwide. We also successfully assisted our customers in IND applications. Supported by Biocytogen’s large-scale generation of new animal models and advanced gene editing technology, our Preclinical Services Division will continue to deliver high-quality, timely and cost-effective services, provide comprehensive and accurate data, and facilitate the drug discovery and development processes for our customers.

Antibody Discovery:

Harnessing our technological strengths, the antibody drug discovery platform has established a unique set of antibody development technology processes, providing partners with efficient services, and completing the entire process from antibody discovery to IND filing. The advantages of the Biocytogen antibody platform are multifold: First, the high-throughput screening and single-cell sequencing technology is combined with the company’s independently developed fully human antibody RenMice, and the antibody platform can achieve the preparation of therapeutic fully human antibody in one stop. The innovative RenMab technology eliminates the need for humanization of the murine antibody; Second, most biopharmaceuticals, especially antibody drugs, are species-specific, posing a difficulty for preclinical evaluation of efficacy and safety. The antibody platform utilizes novel immune checkpoint humanized mouse models generated in house, thus we can quickly complete the in vivo pharmacodynamics screening and validation of antibodies, maximizing the effectiveness of lead molecules; Last, our state-of-art lab is well suited for full characterization and optimization of antibody molecules, including biological activity, affinity analysis, binding activity, physicochemical properties analysis, antibody engineering, antibody subtype selection, etc. Since its establishment in 2016, the antibody platform has completed hundreds of antibody development projects for its partners.

Contact Information:

Beijing CRO division: https://biomice.com/ 

Biocytogen Pharmaceuticals Website: https://en.biocytogen.com.cn/

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: 010-56315307

Address: No.12, Baoshen South Street, Daxing Bio-Medicine Industry Park, Daxing District, Beijing, China 102609

Biocytogen JiangSu Co.,Ltd.

Biocytogen’s Haimen Animal Center is located in Linjiang New District, Haimen City, Jiangsu Province, which is a one-hour drive from Shanghai. The site has been AAALAC accredited since 2016. The first building of the Haimen Animal Center facility covers an area of 15,000 m2 and is designed for breeding and supply of Biocytogen’s animal model products. The Haimen Animal Center supplies humanized mice, and hundreds of gene-edited humanized mice to partners in more than 20 countries, including North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

Contact Information:

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: 0513-80789990

No.104 Linjiang Avenue, Linjiang New District, Haimen District, Nantong, Jiangsu Province, China

Biocytogen Boston Corporation

Established in the greater Boston area in 2018, Biocytogen Boston Corporation provides models, antibody discovery services & preclinical pharmacology services to clients in the United States and abroad.

Biocytogen has generated a comprehensive preclinical in vivo efficacy and ex vivo/in vitro pharmacology service platform.  In addition to an emphasis on I/O, autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, Biocytogen also offers a variety of CDX and syngeneic mouse tumor models in our Boston site. We perform in vivo efficacy and safety evaluation services on therapeutic candidates (including antibodies and CAR-Ts) for biotech and pharmaceutical companies. 

Our experienced and adept in vitro pharmacology team also provides an array of services including immune cell profiling and cytokine analysis. We also provide biochemical/molecular analyses and immune cell functional assays using human and rodent primary cells including MLR, ADCC, and CDC assays. 

Moreover, Biocytogen Boston boasts a strong antibody discovery service team. Combining our proprietary RenMab (fully human Ig) mouse model with our high-throughput antibody in vivo efficacy screening platform allows us to rapidly develop novel therapeutic antibody candidates. We are actively looking to support discovery of innovative therapeutic antibodies and antibody-based therapeutics for our clients using the RenMice® platform.

Contact Information:

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: 781-587-3558

Address: 6th floor, 300 Third Ave, Waltham, MA, 02451

Biocytogen Europe Innovation Center

With the launch of Biocytogen’s Project Integrum to discover antibodies for over 1,000 targets, our BEIC team was established to focus on preclinical and clinical asset licensing and co-development partnerships with companies around the globe.

Contact Information:

E-mails: [email protected]

[email protected]

Phone:  +49 6221 8259772

Address: Waldhofer Str.102, 69123 Heidelberg, Germany.

Biocytogen San Francisco Office

Biocytogen has announced the opening of a new office in San Francisco, California, USA. The new space will aim to accelerate the globalization of Biocytogen’s businesses.

Contact Information:

E-mails: [email protected]

Address: 611 Gateway Blvd Ste 120, South San Francisco, CA 94080

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