In Vivo Activity Assay

An effective antibody, be it obtained by hybridoma technique or by any other technique like phage display, or be it monoclonal or bispecific, can be obtained through pharmacodynamic evaluation of candidate molecules with corresponding disease model, so as to accelerate antibody drug development.

Screening of Murine Antibody

Biocytogen’s multiple species of humanized mice and experienced pharmacodynamic service team accelerate studies on immuno-oncology (I/O) and autoimmune diseases so as to find an effective antibody soon. Moreover, a variety of immune checkpoint humanized animal models and tumor models, cytokines-based humanized animal model and disease model for autoimmune diseases, and PDX models developed based on severe immunodeficiency B-NDG mice can be used to lay a good foundation for antibody drug development.

A cohort of hybridomas were generated from the mice immunized with recombinant CD40. Antibodies were purified from ascites and quantified. Gender and aged matched B-hCD40 mice were inoculated with MC38 cells subcutaneously. When the average tumor size reached to about 100 mm3, mice were treated with monoclonal murine antibodies every three days for 6 times. Tumor volume were measured with a caliper. The average of each group (5 mice/group) were plotted to show the tumor growth (A). Body weight was also measured and normalized (B).

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