For each target, we will carefully design an immunization strategy to best suit your application.

Customized immunization strategies

Ensuring a robust immune response and diverse antibody repertoire involves careful planning and experimental design.

Antigen Design

We will design and synthesize antigen for you, or we can start with antigen (examples below) prepared by your team.

  • Native protein immunization
  • Peptide immunization
  • Hapten immunization
  • Cell immunization
  • DNA immunization
  • VLP (viral-like particle) immunization


Depending on the type of antigen and anticipated downstream applications, we will recommend an appropriate strain, number of animals, delivery method, and timeframe required to generate a robust immune response and diverse antibody repertoire. While conventional immunization is typically 6-8 weeks, we also offer rapid immunization (RIMMS) for protein antigen projects on shorter timelines. 

Titer testing and Report

After immunization, we will monitor the immune response and can perform additional flow cytometric characterization assays if you choose. Following this analysis, we can provide you with serum samples from your top responders, or we can perform hit generation in-house.

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