Phage Display

We can screen synthetic or semi-synthetic immunoglobulin libraries for sequences that bind to your target.

Preserving your immune repertoire

Using our phage display services in combination with our in vivo discovery platform can maximize the yield from your discovery effort. Construction of a phage display library from your immunized mice immortalizes the in vivo immune response to your target antigen, allowing for future rounds of screening if desired. 

In vitro discovery

Depending on your application, our phage display services can also provide in vitro solutions for your discovery needs. Synthetic libraries or semi-synthetic libraries derived from naïve and/or immunized animals can be screened against your target of interest.

Display library workflow

To screen for antibodies using display technology, cDNA libraries isolated from immunoglobulin (Ig) variable regions are transformed into bacteria (for phage display) or another system for expression. The Ig libraries are then screened for binding to a target antigen/protein that can be immobilized on a plate, on cells, or even tissue sections. Once positive hits are identified, the antibody regions are reconstructed for further production and characterization via ELISA or flow cytometry.

Antibody Discovery Workflow - Phage display

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