Biocytogen Signs RenMab™/RenLite® Licensing Agreement with BeiGene

Biocytogen Signs RenMab™/RenLite® Licensing Agreement with BeiGene

Biocytogen Pharmaceuticals (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (“Biocytogen”) reached an agreement with BeiGene (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (“BeiGene”) (NASDAQ: BGNE; HKEX: 06160; SSE: 688235) for licensing Biocytogen’s fully human antibody RenMab™/RenLite® mice platforms to develop fully human monoclonal antibodies, bispecific antibodies and other types of antibody drugs.

RenMab™ and RenLite® mice, which have proprietary intellectual property rights, were developed by Biocytogen over the course of 5 years using size-unlimited, precise chromosome engineering technology. In RenMab™ mice, the complete murine variable regions of the heavy and kappa light chains were replaced by full human heavy and kappa light chain V(D)J loci in situ; In RenLite® mice, the variable regions of the murine heavy chain were completely replaced as in RenMab™  mice, and the whole murine variable regions of the κ light chain were replaced with a single human κ light chain VJ locus in situ. RenMab™/RenLite® mice can generate fully human antibody candidates with high affinity, specificity, and diversity for downstream antibody drug screening. In addition, common light chain antibodies generated by RenLite® mice can greatly improve the efficiency of downstream assembly of complex drug molecules such as bispecific antibodies and bispecific antibody-drug conjugates (bsADCs).

BeiGene is a global, science-driven biotechnology company focused on developing innovative and affordable medicines to improve treatment outcomes and access for patients worldwide. BeiGene currently has three approved medicines discovered and developed internally: BTK inhibitor BRUKINSA in the United States, China, the EU and Great Britain, Canada, Australia and additional international markets; and the non-FC-gamma receptor binding anti-PD-1 antibody tislelizumab as well as the PARP inhibitor pamiparib in China. BeiGene has established a number of internal technology platforms, including small molecule drug development platform, proteolysis targeting chimera (CDAC) technology platform and bispecific (multispecific) antibody discovery platform, single B-cell antibody screening platform and antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) development platform.

Dr. Yuelei Shen, Founder and CEO of Biocytogen, said, “As one of the leading fully human antibody discovery platforms, Biocytogen’s RenMab™/RenLite® mice will provide strong support in drug development for challenging targets. Meanwhile, RenLite® mice can generate bispecific antibodies with simple monoclonal antibody structures, reducing the difficulty of subsequent drug conjugation and opening up more possibilities for innovative drug development.”

Dr. Lai Wang, Senior Vice President and Global Head of R&D of BeiGene, said, “BeiGene has always been focused on developing differentiated innovative drugs and the application of innovative technologies. It is hoped that licensing of RenMab™/RenLite® mice platform will help us enrich the innovative drugs development path by exploring innovative targets and contribute to our vision of ‘Transform the biotechnology industry, creating impactful medicines that will be affordable and accessible to far more cancer patients around the world. ‘ “

About Biocytogen

Biocytogen Pharmaceuticals (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is a global biotechnology company that drives the research and development of novel antibody-based drugs with innovative technologies. Using its proprietary RenMab™/RenLite® mice platforms for fully human monoclonal and bispecific antibody development, Biocytogen has integrated its in vivo drug efficacy screening platforms and strong clinical development expertise to streamline the entire drug development process. Biocytogen is undertaking a large-scale project to develop antibody drugs for more than 1000 targets, known as Project Integrum, and has entered ongoing collaborations with dozens of partners worldwide to produce a variety of first-in-class and/or best-in-class antibody drugs. The company’s pipeline includes 12 core products, among which two are in phase II multi-regional clinical trials and two products are in phase I. Headquartered in Beijing, Biocytogen has branches in Haimen Jiangsu, Shanghai, Boston, USA and Heidelberg, Germany.

About BeiGene

BeiGene is a global, science-driven biotechnology company focused on developing innovative and affordable medicines to improve treatment outcomes and access for patients worldwide. With a broad portfolio of more than 40 clinical candidates, we are expediting development of our diverse pipeline of novel therapeutics through our own capabilities and collaborations. We are committed to radically improving access to medicines for two billion more people by 2030. BeiGene has a growing global team of over 8,000 colleagues across five continents. To learn more about BeiGene, please visit and follow us on Twitter at @BeiGeneGlobal.

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