Biocytogen’s Integrated One-stop Preclinical Services and the RenMab Mouse Shine at AACR 2019

Biocytogen’s Integrated One-stop Preclinical Services and the RenMab Mouse Shine at AACR 2019


American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting 2019 was held in Atlanta, Georgia from March 29 to April 3, 2019, with a theme of “Integrative Cancer Science, Global Impact, Individualized Patient Care.” As one of the largest and most prominent global oncology research conferences, this meeting attracted basic science and clinical researchers from leading academic institutions and pharmaceutical and biotech companies, and covered the latest discoveries across the spectrum of cancer research.


Biocytogen featured three of its key platforms, including preclinical servicesantibody drug development, and the RenMab Mouse, along with 10 posters at this conference, attracting broad interests among researchers in the immuno-oncology space. With capabilities in gene editing, humanized mouse models, animal facility, and antibody screening, Biocytogen offers a one-stop solution from concept to IND for its worldwide pharmaceutical clients and research partners. Together, we discover innovative medicines for a better, healthier world.



Biocyogen’s RenMab Mouse is a newly developed, potentially best-in-class antibody discovery model that produces fully human antibodies directly from mice. In this model, the VDJ region of mouse heavy chain and VJ region of the k light chain are entirely replaced by the human counterparts. The successful development of this model with precise megabase-scale gene locus substitutions underscores our technical leadership in gene editing and chromosome engineering. Most importantly, the RenMab Mouse represents a powerful addition to the antibody toolkit that can be employed to discover innovative antibody-based medicines.


Biocytogen’s preclinical platform leverages its genetically humanized mouse models to expedite preclinical investigations, including in vivoin vitro pharmacology, PK/PD, and toxicity studies. The platform has also been used in cell therapy efficacy studies, such as CAR-T.  With the largest collection of scientifically designed humanized immune checkpoint mouse models, we have supported our clients worldwide to discover, select, and optimize drug candidates. At this conference, Biocytogen presented 10 posters, covering key immuno-oncology therapeutic targets, such as CTLA4, OX40, 4-1BB, PD-1/CD40, CD47/SIRPα, and CD3e.


Our posters below showcase a wide spectrum of efficacy, PK/PD, and toxicity applications using our unique humanized mouse models.  To request a copy of these posters, please contact us at [email protected].

Posters Key Words
Anti-SIRPα antibodies as a potential weapon for cancer immunotherapy   via accelerated screening in humanized mouse models SIRPα
Novel hCD3e mouse models for   preclinical pharmacology study of therapeutic bispecific antibody CD3, CD3e, bispecific
The human immune reconstituted B-NDG mouse models are perfect tools   for CAR-T efficacy evaluation and therapeutic antibody preclinical   pharmacology study CAR-T
In vivo drug screening   platform accelerates 4-1BB agonistic antibody development 4-1BB
Rapid screening of anti-OX40 antibodies for cancer immunotherapy OX40
Novel anti-CD40 antibodies demonstrate anti-tumor activity in   humanized mouse models CD40
Novel CTLA-4 antibodies with potent antitumor activity validated in humanized   mouse models CTLA-4
In vivo efficacy and safety   evaluation of anti-human PD-1 and CD40 mAbs using double humanized PD-1/CD40 mice PD-1, CD40
PK/PD modelling of an anti-CTLA-4 antibody in CTLA4 humanized mice CTLA-4, PK, PD
Using humanized B-hSIRPα/hCD47 mouse model to evaluate the efficacy   and toxicity of CD47 and SIRPα antibodies SIRPα, CD47



Biocytogen offers the largest collection of humanized immune checkpoint mouse models. These models are fully validated and have been widely used to discover therapeutic candidates. For more information, please contact us at [email protected].



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