Join BiostartXcel Program and Accelerate Your Research

Join BiostartXcel Program and Accelerate Your Research

Are you ready to turbocharge your biotech research? At Biocytogen, we’re thrilled to support your journey with our cutting-edge gene editing services, humanized animal and cell models, and pharmacology services. Our BiostartXcel program is tailored specifically for biotech startups and small companies in the biotech sector, providing a robust suite of services designed to accelerate your research and development initiatives.

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Why Join BiostartXcel?

BiostartXcel is more than just a program—it’s a partnership designed to propel your research forward. Here’s why you as the biotech startups should join:

  • Free Trial: Jumpstart your projects with up to 15 mice from a selection of 5 different strains—completely free for your first year.
  • Discounted Pilot Study: Test our capabilities with low cost to you and see the difference in real time.
  • Complimentary Model Design and Consultation: Let our experts guide you in designing the perfect model for your research needs.
  • Exclusive Lab Access: Monitor your project’s progress firsthand in our dedicated lab spaces. 

Our commitment to supporting emerging biotech startups and small companies means we’re invested in your success. The BiostartXcel program provides the resources and expertise you need to achieve groundbreaking results.


Take the Next Step

Ready to advance your research with Biocytogen as your trusted partner? Schedule a free consultation today or learn more about how we can help you achieve pioneering results.

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Terms & Conditions:

We aim to ensure that the benefits of the BiostartXcel program are accessible to those who can truly benefit from our services. Please review the terms and conditions to understand the full scope of the offer.

Eligibility: This offer is available exclusively to first-time customers. Previous clients and participants in any of our other programs are not eligible for this promotion.

Limitations: The offer is subject to availability and may be limited to certain geographic regions and jurisdictions as per local laws and regulations.

Reservation of Rights: Biocytogen reserves the right to modify, suspend, or terminate the BiostartXcel Program at any time without prior notice. Additionally, Biocytogen reserves the right to refuse or cancel services under the program at its sole discretion.


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