RenMab™ Mouse Brochure

RenMab™ Mouse Brochure

Biocytogen has developed a fully human antibody mouse (RenMab™ Mouse), whose genes that encode entire antibody variable regions are replace in situ by human Ig heavy chain and κ light chain through Mb-scale chromosome engineering technology. RenMab™ Mouse provides an efficient platform for fully human antibody generation, characterization, therapeutic antibody discovery, and rapid in vivo efficacy screening.

Highlights of RenMab™ Mouse:

  • Developed using Biocytogen’s unique Mb-scale chromosome engineering technology
  • Variable regions of heavy chain and κ light chain are replaced by human counterparts in situ
  • Constant region remains mouse to ensure proper B cell development
  • Normal antibody immune responses to antigens
  • A highly diverse repertoire of fully human antibody variable regions through V(D)J recombination

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