30% OFF Antibody Discovery services!

30% OFF Antibody Discovery services!

Get started on your antibody discovery project as the year comes to a close!

All projects* for the month of December will receive 30% OFF antibody discovery services using either Beacon-based or FACS-based screening technology!

Both Beacon and FACS-based screening technologies can identify hundreds, or even thousands, of single B cells that generate antibodies to your target.

Immunization to sequence takes just a few months, so make the most of your 2022 budget and let’s get your project rolling!

*First-time customers only. Offer is valid for new FACS- or Beacon-based antibody discovery projects contracted in the month of December.

Which screening platform should I use?

Our experts will take into consideration the type of antigen, desired output, and cost concerns to help you select the screening platform that best suits your needs. For difficult targets, multiple screening technologies can be combined to ensure your project is successful.

We offer Beacon-based and FACS-based single B cell cloning discovery platforms. Regardless of which platform is used, many workflow steps are the same: 

  • When animals are immunized with your target antigen, antibody titers are measured to ensure desirable levels. 
  • Lymphoid tissues are collected from the animals and single cell suspensions are prepared. 
  • Antibody-producing B cells from these tissues are then enriched by magnetic separation before further analysis and characterization. 
  • After screening and export of desirable clones, cells of interest are lysed for RT-PCR and sequencing of their immunoglobulin variable domains. The sequences selected by the client for further validation are then cloned into expression vectors and transiently transfected into EXPi293 cells. 
  • Antibodies in supernatants collected from these transfection experiments are then validated and characterized by ex vivo methods, such as enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), flow cytometry, or surface plasmon resonance (SPR).

For more details about the types of assays we can perform, check out our updated brochure or our recent webinar.  Don’t hesitate to Contact us now.


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