PEGS Boston Virtual Summit

PEGS Boston Virtual Summit

Presentation Title: Accelerating Therapeutic Antibody Discovery with Three Distinct Humanized Mouse Models

Time: 9:45 AM – 10:10 AM EDT on Monday, August 31

Programs: Antibody for Cancer Therapy 

Speaker: Qingcong Lin, PhD, CEO, Biocytogen Boston Corp.

With a robust immune response, RenMab™ Mouse produces fully-human antibodies with high specificity and diverse epitope coverage. To identify leads, Biocytogen has created a catalog of target-humanized mouse models, allowing to conduct high throughput in vivo hit screening. Lastly, to further select for drug candidates with best clinical translation potential, Biocytogen offers immune-cell humanized mouse models for preclinical pharmacology evaluation. Biocytogen integrates these three mouse models to catalyze the process from target validation to IND application.

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