AACR 2021: A novel humanized B-hPD-1/hPD-L1/hTIGIT mouse model reveals enhanced efficacy of combined TIGIT and PD-L1 blockade against cancer

Competitive binding of TIGIT to CD155 and CD112 prevents signaling through CD226, which is an NK activating receptor that contributes to anti-tumor responses.  Biocytogen established…

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AACR 2021: SIGLEC15 humanized knock-in mice are a powerful tool to evaluate new therapies for cancer and osteoporosis

Non-redundant to PD-L1, SIGLEC15 interacts with CD8 T cells, which results in suppression of anti-tumor immune responses. Biocytogen has generated a humanized B-hSIGLEC15 mouse model,…

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AACR 2021: Advancing Bispecific Antibody Discovery using a Common Light Chain Immunoglobulin Humanized Mouse

The common challenges of bispecific therapeutic antibody discovery are immunogenicity and chain mispairing issues. Biocytogen’s RenLiteTM immunoglobulin humanized mouse is designed not only to overcome…

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AACR 2021: A Novel PD1-CD40 Bispecific Antibody YH008 Induces Potent Anti-tumor Activity in-vivo by PD1 Dependent Activation of CD40 Signaling

Immunotherapies that target PD1/PDL1 pathway have marked a new era of cancer therapy. Combinatorial treatment of inhibiting PD1/PDL1 signaling and other immunomodulating agents has been…

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IO Summit: RenMab Mouse – A Leading Platform for Fully Human Antibody Generation

With the development of immuno-oncology, therapeutic antibodies have been proven to be extraordinarily effective for cancer treatment. Conventional human antibody discovery process can be divided…

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IO Summit: B-NDG hIL-15 Mice Improve NK Cell Development After Human PBMC or CD34+ HSC Engraftment

Abstract Human HSC (hematopoietic stem cells) engrafted humanized mice are a powerful model that allows researchers to examine the human immune system and evaluate cellular…

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