RenMab™ Mouse: a leading platform for fully human antibody generation

RenMab™ Mouse: a leading platform for fully human antibody generation

Author: Gary Ng, Tian Gan, Huizhen Zhao, Yabo Zhang, Lili Liu, Hui Lu, Shuwen Huang, Yuelei Shen


Therapeutic antibodies have been proven to be remarkably effective for immunotherapies. Most human antibodies were discovered through conventional antibody discovery process, which can be divided into a cascade of stages, including target selection and validation, screening preparation, hits generation, leads selection, lead optimization, and clinical candidate selection. To revolutionize the current antibody discovery process, Biocytogen has developed a fully human antibody mouse (RenMabTM Mouse), whose entire variable regions are replaced by human Ig heavy chain and κ light chain through chromosome engineering. RenMabTM Mouse provides an efficient therapeutic antibody discovery platform for fully human antibody generation, characterization, and rapid in vivo efficacy screening. Key highlights of RenMabTM Mouse are as follows.

  1. Developed through Biocytogen’s unique Mb-scale chromosome engineering technology
  2. Variable regions of heavy chain and k  light chain are replaced by human counterparts in situ
  3. Constant region remains mouse to ensure proper B cell development
  4. Normal antibody immune responses to antigens
  5. V(D)J recombination results in a highly diverse heavy chain repertoire


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