Immuno-oncology & Oncology

Cancer immunotherapy is one of the most promising anti-cancer therapeutic breakthroughs in recent years. Biocytogen provides immuno-oncology and preclinical oncology services, offering the highest quality and the most comprehensive collection of genetically humanized immune-checkpoint mouse models to accelerate the discovery and development of therapeutics. In addition to immuno-oncology services, Biocytogen provides robust human immune cell-engrafted mouse models. Our CDX mouse models can be used to support preclinical efficacy investigation of immuno-oncology and oncology drugs. Our preclinical oncology services can help drug discovery via multiple modalities. 

Checkpoint inhibition through small molecule-induced internalization of programmed death-ligand 1

Programmed death-ligand 1 is a glycoprotein expressed on antigen presenting cells, hepatocytes, and tumors which upon interaction with programmed death-1, results in inhibition of antigen-specific T cell responses. Here, we…

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B7-H3×4-1BB bispecific antibody augments antitumor immunity by enhancing terminally differentiated CD8+ tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes

Cancer immunotherapy with 4-1BB agonists has limited further clinical development because of dose-limiting toxicity. Here, we developed a bispecific antibody (bsAb; B7-H3×4-1BB), targeting human B7-H3 (hB7-H3) and mouse or human…

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