Immuno-oncology & Oncology

Cancer immunotherapy is one of the most promising anti-cancer therapeutic breakthroughs in recent years. Biocytogen provides the highest quality and the most comprehensive collection of genetically humanized immune-checkpoint mouse models to accelerate the discovery and development of immuno-oncology therapeutics. In addition, Biocytogen provides robust human immune cell-engrafted mouse models, as well as CDX and PDX mouse models to support preclinical efficacy investigation of all modalities of immuno-oncology and oncology drugs.

A central neural circuit for itch sensation

Abstract Although itch sensation is an important protective mechanism for animals, chronic itch remains a challenging clinical problem. Itch processing has been studied extensively at the spinal level. However, how…

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Follicular CXCR5-expressing CD8+ T cells curtail chronic viral infection

Abstract During chronic viral infection, virus-specific CD8+ T cells become exhausted, exhibit poor effector function and lose memory potential1,2,3,4. However, exhausted CD8+ T cells can still contain viral replication in chronic infections5,6,7,8,9,…

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