Basic Information

Strain Name
Common Name
B-ob/ob mice
Catalog number
Bcgen (Beijing Biocytogen Co., Ltd)
Lep (leptin), obese
B-ob/ob mice were developed by Beijing Biocytogen Co., Ltd. Exons 2-3 of mice Lep (leptin) were knocked out.


B-ob/ob mice are a powerful model for studying hyperglycemia and obesity.

Spontaneous diabetes model

Targeting Strategy

Model validation and analysis

Physiological analysis

B-ob/ob mice weight detection


The weight of the homozygous B-ob/ob mice were continuously higher than that of the control group at the age of 4 weeks;

B-ob/ob mice blood glucose test

B-obob mice-blood-glucose-test

Blood glucose: the blood glucose of the homozygous B-ob/ob mice (-/-) were continuously higher than that of the control group at the age of 4 weeks.

Model validation


Efficacy of the anti-human GCGR antibody drug crotedumab in B-ob/ob mice. ( A) Body weight changes in B-ob/ob mice. (B-C) Non-fasting blood glucose and fasting blood glucose measurement. Male B-ob/ob mice, 8-10 weeks old, were randomly assigned to 2 groups of 6-7 animals each. Dosing occurred on Day 0. Non-fasting blood glucose was measured on days 0, 3, and 7, and fasting blood glucose was measured after 6 hours of fasting. ( D) Crotedumab improves glucose tolerance. E) Area under the curve of blood glucose content. Mice were fasted for 6 h under free access to water, fasting blood glucose was measured at the tail tip (0 min), glucose was injected intraperitoneally at 2 g/kg, and blood glucose was measured at the indicated times. (Fig. F-G) glucagon and insulin measurements. The results showed that crotedumab had hypoglycemic effects in both fasted and non-fasted states, while being able to improve glucose tolerance in B-ob/ob mice. (Fig. Data are mean ± SEM; P ≤ 0.05, P ≤ 0.01, P ≤ 0.001)


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