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B-hCD79B mice
Bcgen (Beijing Biocytogen Co., Ltd)
Related Genes
CD79B, AGM6, B29, IGB


The B lymphocyte antigen receptor is a multi-meric complex that includes the antigen-specific component, surface immunoglobulin (Ig). Surface Ig non-covalently associates with two other proteins, Ig-alpha and Ig-beta, which are necessary for expression and function of the B-cell antigen receptor. CD79B encodes the Ig-beta protein of the B-cell antigen component, which is mainly expressed in B cells.CD79B plays an important role in the expression and transport of BCR to the cell membrane, so it is crucial for the maturation of B cells.CD79A and CD79B also co-regulate the apoptosis of mature B cells. Moreover, CD79A and CD79B play an important role in the internalization and presentation of BCR. CD79B knockout mice could survive, but the development of B cells in mice was stagnated at the pro-B cell stage due to the reduced signal transduction of BCR. CD79B is highly expressed in most types of B-cell non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (NHL) and chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL), but is limited in normal cells.


Technical assessment of gene editing mouse model and existing models

Protein expression analysis in B cells

Strain specific CD79B expression analysis in heterozygous B-hCD79B mice by flow cytometry. Splenocytes were collected from WT and heterozygous B-hCD79B (H/+) mice, and analyzed by flow cytometry with species-specific CD79B antibody. Mouse CD79B was detectable in WT mice and heterozygous B-hCD79B. Human CD79B was exclusively detectable in heterozygous B-hCD79B but not WT mice.

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