Basic Information

Strain name
Common name
B-hMCAM mice
Catalog number
MCAM, CD146, HEMCAM, METCAM, MUC18, MelCAM, melanoma cell adhesion molecule

Targeting strategy

The exons 2-14 of mouse Mcam gene that encode the extracellular domain and the transmembrane domain were replaced by human MCAM exons 2-14 in B-hMCAM mice.

mRNA expression analysis

Strain specific analysis of MCAM gene expression in wild type (WT) mice and B-hMCAM mice by RT-PCR.

Mouse Mcam mRNA was detectable only in kidney of WT mice (+/+). Human MCAM mRNA was detectable only in homozygous B-hMCAM mice (H/H) but not in WT mice (+/+).

Protein expression analysis

Strain specific MCAM expression analysis in homozygous B-hMCAM mice by flow cytometry.

Kidney, small intestine and testis were collected from wild type (WT) mice (+/+) and homozygous B-hMCAM mice (H/H), and analyzed by flow cytometry with species-specific anti-MCAM antibody. Mouse MCAM was detectable in WT mice (+/+). Human MCAM was detectable in homozygous B-hMCAM mice (H/H).


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