Basic Information

Common name
B-hLILRB4 luc EL4
Catalog number
Mus musculus, mouse

Gene Targeting Strategy

Gene targeting strategy for B-hLILRB4 luc EL4 cells. The exogenous promoter and human LILRB4 coding sequence was inserted into the murine Hipp11(H11) allele.

Protein Expression Analysis

Luminescence signal intensity of B-hLILRB4 luc EL4 cells. B-hLILRB4 luc EL4 cells displayed strong luminescence signal intensity compared to control, as detected by the Bright-GloTM luciferase Assay System (Promega, Cat E2610).


LILRB4 expression analysis in humanized B-hLILRB4 luc EL4 cells. Single cell suspensions from B-hLILRB4 luc EL4 (clone 10-G04) cultures were stained with an anti-human LILRB4 antibody and analyzed by flow cytometry. Human LILRB4 was exclusively detected on the surface of B-hLILRB4 luc EL4 compared to wild-type EL4 cells. The 10-G04 clone was used for in vivo experiments.

Tumor Growth Curve and In Vivo Imaging Analysis

Subcutaneous tumor growth analysis using B-hLILRB4 luc EL4 cells. B-hLILRB4 luc EL4 cells (2×105) were injected by tail vein into wild-type C57BL/6 mice. (A) Signal intensity was measured following in vivo imaging analysis on days 3, 7, 10, 14 and 17, and (B) body weight (Mean ± SEM) was measured twice a week. B-hLILRB4 luc EL4 cells can be used for in vivo efficacy evaluation.

Imaging analysis in vivo

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