Basic Information

Strain name
Common Name
B-NDG Hc mice
Catalog Number
C5, C5a, He, Hfib, Hfib2


Immunodeficient B-NDG mice were generated by deleting the IL2rg gene from NOD-scid mice. This mouse model has the highest degree of immunodeficiency and is most suitable for engraftment and growth of human tumor cells or tissues.

Targeting strategy

Gene targeting strategy for B-NDG Hc mice. The exon 6 of mouse Hc gene was insert by “TA” between “AC” in B-NDG Hc mice.

Measurement of C5 in Serum


C5 expression analysis in homozygous B-NDG Hc mice by ELISA. Serum were collected from C57BL/6, B-NDG mice and homozygote B-NDG Hc mice, and analyzed by ELISA with C5 ELISA  kit. Mouse C5 was detectable in C57BL/6 mice and B-NDG Hc mice. but not B-NDG mice.

Measurement of  total complement hemolytic activity in Serum

Hemolytic capacity analysis in homozygous B-NDG Hc mice. Representative image demonstrating level of lysis of antibody-coated SRBC following incubation with diluted serum from human, C57BL6, B-NDG, or B-NDG Hc mice. Serum from human were used as positive complement control. Compared with B-NDG, the hemolytic ability of B-NDG Hc was significantly enhanced. The order of hemolytic capacity: B-NDG Hc ≥ C57BL/6 > B-NDG.

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