Basic Information

Strain name
NOD.CB17Prkdcscid Il2rgtm1Bcgen Tg(Rorc-Il2rg)1Bcgen/Bcgen
Common name
B-NDG Tg(RORγt-Il2rg) mice
Catalog number
NCBI gene ID

Targeting strategy

Gene targeting strategy for B-NDG Tg(RORγt-Il2rg) mice.

The coding sequence of the mouse Il2rg gene was inserted downstream of the 5’UTR of the RORγt gene in the BAC clone RP23-22C14. The modified BAC was microinjected into the zygote of B-NDG mice and randomly integrated into the mouse genome.

Evans blue staining of lymph nodes

Lymph nodes were visualized in B-NDG Tg(RORγt-Il2rg) mice dyed by Evans blue.

B-NDG mice (n=6) and B-NDG Tg(RORγt-Il2rg) mice (n=10) were sacrificed and intravenously injected with 10% Evens blue in the planta pedis. The red arrows indicate the lymph nodes in inguinal, axillary and mesenteric site of B-NDG Tg(RORγt-Il2rg) mice. No lymph node was visualized in B-NDG mice.

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