Basic Information

Strain Name
Common Name
B-hITGB1 mice
Catalog number
Related Genes
integrin subunit beta 1, CD29, FNRB, GPIIA, MDF2, MSK12, VLA-BETA, VLAB

Gene targeting strategy

Gene targeting strategy for B-hITGB1 mice. The exons 2-15 of mouse Itgb1 gene were replaced by human ITGB1 exons 2-15 in B-hITGB1 mice.

mRNA expression analysis

Species-specific ITGB1 gene expression analysis in wild-type and humanized B-hITGB1 mice by RT-PCR. Murine Itgb1 mRNA was detected in splenocytes isolated from wild-type (+/+) mice, while human ITGB1 mRNA was detected in homozygous B-hITGB1 (H/H) mice.

Protein expression analysis

Species-specific ITGB1 protein expression analysis in wild-type and humanized B-hITGB1 mice. Splenocytes were isolated from wild-type C57BL/6 (+/+) and heterozygous B-hITGB1 (H/+) mice, and analyzed by flow cytometry using species-specific anti-ITGB1 antibodies. Murine ITGB1 protein was detected in wild-type and B-hITGB1 mice, while human ITGB1 protein was exclusively detected in B-hITGB1 mice.

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