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B-hLGALS3 mice
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  • Galectin-3 (galactose-specific lectin 3) is a glycoprotein, also known as Mac-2, Gal-3, RL-29, galactose-specific lectin 3, CBP-35, L-34, and εBP. It is a member of animal β-galactoside-binding protein family that is expressed in cell nucleus, cytoplasm, plasma membrane, or extracellular matrix by variety of tumor cells, monocytes/macrophages, epithelial cells, Kupffer cells, and dendritic cells.
  • Galectin-3 contains carbohydrate recognition domains and binds to β-galactoside residues bearing glycoproteins, such as as IgE, IgA, galactose, casein kinase I, laminin, mucin, LAMPs, and CD66.
  • Galectin-3 is an adhesion molecule and plays an important role in regulation of cell proliferation, differentiation and tumor cell metastasis.
  • Galectin-3 structurely possesses NWGR motif that is conserved in BH-1 domain of BCL-2 family and functions as an anti-apoptotic molecule.

Targeting strategy

Gene targeting strategy for B-hLGALS3 mice.

Exons 2~6 of the mouse Lgals3 gene that encode the full-length protein were replaced by human LGALS3 exons 2~6 in B-hLGALS3 mice.

Protein expression analysis in plasma

Strain specific LGALS3 expression analysis in wild-type C57BL/6 mice and homozygous humanized B-hLGALS3 mice by ELISA. Plasma was collected from wild-type C57BL/6 mice (+/+) (n=3, 7-week-old) and homozygous B-hLGALS3 mice (H/H) (n=3, 7-week-old). Protein expression level of LGALS3 was analyzed by ELISA. Mouse LGALS3 was detectable in wild-type mice and homozygous B-hLGALS3 mice, as the kit is cross-recognize both human and mouse LGALS3. Human LGALS3 was exclusively detectable in homozygous B-hLGALS3 mice.

mRNA expression analysis

Strain specific analysis of LGALS3 mRNA expression in wild-type C57BL/6 mice and B-hLGALS3 mice by RT-PCR. Lung RNA were isolated from wild-type C57BL/6 mice (+/+) and homozygous B-hLGALS3 mice (H/H), then cDNA libraries were synthesized by reverse transcription, followed by PCR with mouse or human LGALS3 primers. Mouse Lgals3 mRNA was detectable only in wild-type C57BL/6 mice. Human LGALS3 mRNA was detectable only in homozygous B-hLGALS3 mice but not in wild-type mice.

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