Project Integrum

A Project to challenge difficult targets using RenMab + Knockout

The vision of Project Integrum is to revolutionize antibody therapeutic discovery by creating over a thousand targets knocked out RenMab™ Mice to cover essentially all non-lethal knockout of targets. Based on the RenMab™ Mouse platform, Biocytogen is currently developing a series of meticulously designed knockout mouse models for a vast number of immuno-oncology and autoimmune disease targets (RenMab™-target-knockout mice).

There are two major benefits of using RenMab™-target-knockout mice for antibody generation:

(1) To produce fully human antibodies for the more challenging target due to high human/mouse homology. Through immunization by antigens such as the desired target proteins (that are now knocked out from the mice) and/or DNA, researchers can gain access to therapeutic antibody candidates that could be difficult to obtain otherwise.

(2) To capacitate the use of wild-type mice for the evaluation of human antibody for disease models where humanized of target might be challenging. With a certain target gene knocked out, the RenMab mouse platform can be used for the search of antibodies that cross-react between human and murine for the specific target. These cross-reactive antibodies can be readily investigated in wild-type mouse, as well as spontaneous derived tumor model, resulting in a high success rate of clinical translation in immuno-oncology antibody therapeutics.

Please stay tuned for the latest progress of Project Integrum. We are open to co-development programs of antibody therapeutics using our RenMab™-target-knockout mice. Please contact our team if you are interested in learning more about Project Integrum or partnering opportunities.

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