Project Integrum

The vision of Project Integrum is to revolutionize antibody therapeutic discovery by creating over a thousand targets knocked out RenMab™ Mice to cover essentially all non-lethal knockout of targets. Based on the RenMab™ Mouse platform, Biocytogen is currently developing a series of meticulously designed knockout mouse models for a vast number of immuno-oncology and autoimmune disease targets. These mice models with the disease target knocked out will be capable of producing a rich repertoire of fully human antibodies upon immunization by antigens including the target proteins and/or DNA, allowing researchers to gain expedited access to therapeutic antibody candidates that could be difficult to obtain otherwise.

Please stay tuned for the latest progress of Project Integrum. We are open to co-development programs of antibody therapeutics using our RenMab™-target-knockout mice. Please contact our team if you are interested in learning more about Project Integrum or partnering opportunities.

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