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Development History of Immunodeficient Mice and Their Research Applications

October 25, 2022

By John Charpentier, Ph.D. October 25, 2022 Since the characterization of the nude mouse in 1962, genetic mouse models of immunodeficiency have been increasingly developed, diversified, and utilized for both basic discovery research and preclinical studies of therapeutic candidates. Today, highly immunodeficient, genetically-engineered mouse models are invaluable tools for basic biomedical research, especially for the […]

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Research Impact: B-NDG Mice Used to Identify Lipid Transport Mechanism Driving T Cell Leukemogenesis

September 29, 2022

By John Charpentier, Ph.D. September 29, 2022 A recent study featuring Biocytogen mice identifies a non-vesicular lipid transport mechanism required for T cell leukemogenesis. Wenbing Zhong and colleagues at Jinan University in Guangzhou, China report that a lipid binding protein called ORP4L, which is expressed in adult T cell leukemia (ATL) cells but not normal […]

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