Webinar: Design and Screening of Bispecific ADCs Discovered in RenLite Common Light Chain Antibody Mice

Webinar: Design and Screening of Bispecific ADCs Discovered in RenLite Common Light Chain Antibody Mice

Our webinar “Design and Screening of Bispecific ADCs Discovered in RenLite Common Light Chain Antibody Mice” was live on March 16, 2022 at 11AM EDT.

In this webinar, we

  • Introduced Biocytogen’s next-generation fully human bispecific antibody development platform, which has facilitated drug discovery for more than two hundred TAA (tumor associated antigen) targets
  • Analyzed the design, screening and drug discovery of bispecific antibodies and bispecific-ADC drugs in two case studies

About the Speaker & Panelists


Yi (Benny) Yang, Ph.D.  Chief Scientific Officer, Biocytogen Beijing

Dr. Yang received his Ph.D. degree in immunology from the University of Connecticut and completed his postdoctoral training at New York University School of Medicine. During 2014-2016, Dr. Yang worked as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at the University of South Carolina Medical School. After returning to China in November 2016, he joined Biocytogen and has been leading the antibody drug discovery team. Dr. Yang has nearly 20 years of experience in immunology research. During his postdoctoral research in Dr. Dan Littman’s research group, he studied the immune regulation of Th17 cells in the gut and gut microbial immunity. He also led and co-authored a series of publications in Nature, Science and Cell. At Biocytogen, he advanced the screening and development of new antibody drugs and helped establish 12 product pipelines.


Jenna Frame, Ph.D.  Manager, Scientific Communications & Marketing, Biocytogen Boston

Dr. Jenna Frame has worked with mouse and zebrafish models in the hematology field for over 15 years at the University of Rochester and Harvard Medical School. At Biocytogen, Jenna helps provide researchers with the information they need to select quality animal models and other preclinical services to advance their research pipeline.




Qingcong Lin, Ph.D.  Senior Vice President and CEO of Biocytogen Boston

Dr. Lin has extensive research expertise in the field of molecular genetics. He has held leadership positions at Wyeth and Pfizer,  and has served as the Director of the Laboratory for Genetic Engineering at the Center for Genetics and Genomics Research at Harvard Medical School. In 2018, Dr. Lin joined Biocytogen as the Senior Vice President and President of Biocytogen Boston. He is fully responsible for the company’s US and EU  business development, including licensing the use of RenMab mice, the external authorization and cooperative development of therapeutic antibody candidates, including pharmacology and efficacy studies, and development of gene targeting business.


Li Hui, MD, Ph.D. Director, Antibody Discovery & RenMice Licensing, Biocytogen Boston 

Dr. Li Hui is the Director of Antibody discovery and RenMice platforms, and is supporting the global antibody licensing effort at Biocytogen. She has broad antibody discovery experience spanning more than a decade. Before joining Biocytogen, Dr. Hui worked as Team leader, Senior Principal Scientist, custom monoclonal antibody discovery at ABclonal Technology. Prior to ABclonal Technology, Dr.Hui was a senior development scientist and project manager of monoclonal antibody discovery at Cell Signaling Technology. Dr. Hui completed her medical training in China and earned her PhD in Molecular Cell Biology at City University of New York. Her postdoctoral training at Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research focused on target identification and drug discovery.


Jiyong Zhang, Ph.D. Associate Director, Antibody Discovery, Biocytogen Boston  

Dr. Jiyong Zhang is currently the Associate Director of the antibody discovery service team at Biocytogen Boston. During his Ph.D. studies at Okayama University, Japan, and postdoctoral training at Brown University, Dr. Zhang gained expertise in antibody therapy for neurological disorders. Thereafter, Dr. Zhang received his industrial postdoctoral training in antibody engineering at Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Prior to joining Biocytogen, Dr. Zhang worked as a Senior Scientist at Abbvie, where he led a multi-functional team developing bispecific antibody technology platforms for CNS drug delivery.

Watch the webinar: Design and Screening of Bispecific ADCs Discovered in RenLite Common Light Chain Antibody Mice


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