Webinar: Mouse Models to Investigate New Treatments for Inflammatory Disease

Webinar: Mouse Models to Investigate New Treatments for Inflammatory Disease

We’re pleased to continue our new webinar series informing and updating our network of research professionals. We invite you to join us to learn about the latest technological advances at Biocytogen and to engage with our expert scientists!

Our webinar “Mouse Models to Investigate New Treatments for Inflammatory Disease” was live on Jan 26, 2022 at 1PM EST.

In this webinar, we

  • Reviewed experimental models used to recapitulate inflammatory diseases, including experimental autoimmune encephalitis and collagen-induced arthritis
  • Introduced humanized mouse models that can be used to investigate efficacy of novel anti-cytokine therapeutics

About the Speaker & Panelists


Jenna Frame, Ph.D.  Manager, Scientific Communications & Marketing, Biocytogen Boston

Dr. Jenna Frame has worked with mouse and zebrafish models in the hematology field for over 15 years at the University of Rochester and Harvard Medical School. At Biocytogen, Jenna helps provide researchers with the information they need to select quality animal models and other preclinical services to advance their research pipeline.




Zhaoxue (Luke) Yu, Ph.D.  Deputy General Manager & Global Head of Preclinical Pharmacology, Biocytogen Boston

Dr. Zhaoxue (Luke) Yu has more than 15 years of research and technical leadership experience in drug discovery and development for immune/autoimmune diseases, oncology, neurological diseases, ocular diseases and metabolic diseases across various therapeutic modalities, including antibodies, biologics, small molecules, mRNAs, and AAVs. Dr. Yu has contributed to multiple drug development programs from preclinical to clinical stages, some of which have subsequently obtained approvals by the FDA. Dr. Yu received his Ph.D in Neurobiology and M.D. in China and received postdoctoral training at institutions including Emory University, Yale University, and Harvard Boston Children’s Hospital.



Clarke Gasper, Ph.D.  Senior Business Development Manager, Biocytogen Boston 

Dr. Clarke Gasper’s research experience ranges from protein biochemistry and structural biology to antibody production and small molecule drug development. He began his research at San Diego State University working on the myosin chaperone protein UNC-45. He then went on to Caltech, where he was part of the NIH ENCODE research consortium managing their transcription factor antibody production pipeline and developed a fully automated chromatin immunoprecipitation assay for identifying transcription factor binding sites in the human genome. He went on to receive his Ph.D. in biochemistry from Boston University where he helped identify several small-molecules, lead candidates for treating diabetes and obesity. After 13 years in scientific research, he has joined Biocytogen, where he is currently a senior business development manager.



Rebecca Soto, Ph.D.  Scientific Content Specialist, Biocytogen Boston

Dr. Rebecca Soto recently completed her PhD in Biological and Biomedical Sciences from Harvard University. Using various animal models, her thesis work primarily focused on epigenetic regulation of developmental hematopoiesis. At Biocytogen, Rebecca provides scientists with the information they need to further their research goals.



Watch the webinar recording here: Mouse Models to Investigate New Treatments for Inflammatory Disease


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