Webinar: Preclinical Models to Investigate NK Cell-Targeted Immunotherapies

Webinar: Preclinical Models to Investigate NK Cell-Targeted Immunotherapies

Our webinar “Preclinical Models to Investigate NK Cell-Targeted Immunotherapies” was live on Aug 31, 2022 at 1PM EDT.

In this webinar, we 

  • Reviewed the mechanisms driving NK cell activity in the context of immuno-oncology, and the types of NK-targeted immunotherapies currently under investigation
  • Introduced experimental models used to evaluate these immunotherapies, including syngeneic models and xenograft models 

To access a specific section of the webinar, visit these links:

Syngeneic models for testing anti-human NK drugs:

Xenogeneic models for testing anti-human NK drugs:

Q&A Session:

About the Speaker & Panelists


Jenna Frame, Ph.D.  Manager, Scientific Communications & Marketing, Biocytogen Boston

Dr. Jenna Frame has worked with mouse and zebrafish models in the hematology/oncology field for over 15 years at the University of Rochester and Harvard Medical School. At Biocytogen, Jenna helps provide researchers with the information they need to select quality animal models and other preclinical services to advance their scientific discoveries.




Rebecca Soto, Ph.D. Scientific Content Specialist, Biocytogen Boston

Dr. Rebecca Soto completed her PhD in Biological and Biomedical Sciences from Harvard University. Using various animal models, her thesis work primarily focused on epigenetic regulation of developmental hematopoiesis. At Biocytogen, Rebecca provides scientists with the information they need to further their research goals.




Qingcong Lin, Ph.D. Chief Executive Officer, Biocytogen Boston

Dr. Lin has extensive research expertise in the field of molecular genetics. He has held leadership positions at Wyeth and Pfizer,  and has served as the Director of the Laboratory for Genetic Engineering at the Center for Genetics and Genomics Research at Harvard Medical School. In 2018, Dr. Lin joined Biocytogen as the Senior Vice President and President of Biocytogen Boston. He is fully responsible for the company’s US and EU  business development, including licensing the use of RenMab mice, the external authorization and cooperative development of therapeutic antibody candidates, including pharmacology and efficacy studies, and development of gene targeting business.


John Charpentier, Ph.D, Scientific Content Specialist, Biocytogen Boston

A native of New England, John spent nearly a decade in laboratories focused on questions of fundamental T cell biology. After earning a Ph.D. in immunology from the University of Michigan, he joined Biocytogen in July 2021.  He has significant experience liaising between Biocytogen’s clients and scientific teams, and now works in a scientific communication role.



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