Webinar Antibody Discovery

Generation and discovery of high affinity antibodies

May 2, 2022

Speaker: Li Hui, MD, Ph.D. Director, Antibody Discovery & RenMice Licensing, Biocytogen Boston Introduced Biocytogen’s Antibody Discovery Service capabilities, which includes multiple screening technologies and accommodates antibody discovery needs for multiple species, including human, mouse, and rat. Provided proof-of-concept data supporting the robust capabilities of the platform to identify high-quality antibodies with therapeutic potential.

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Design and Screening of Bispecific ADCs Discovered in RenLite Common Light Chain Antibody Mice

March 18, 2022

Speaker: Yi (Benny) Yang, Ph.D.  Chief Scientific Officer, Biocytogen Beijing Introduced Biocytogen’s next-generation fully human bispecific antibody development platform, which has facilitated drug discovery for more than two hundred TAA (tumor associated antigen) targets Analyzed the design, screening and drug discovery of bispecific antibodies and bispecific-ADC drugs in two case studies

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