Basic Information

Strain Name
Common Name
B-NDG hCSF1/hTHPO mice
Catalog number
Related Genes
CSF1 (MCSF),THPO (thrombopoietin)


Biocytogen independently developed the highly immunodeficient B-NDG hCSF1/hTHPO mice in which we replaced the gene encoding murine Csf1/Thpo by its human CDS region. This mouse combines a B-NDG mouse background and expresses human hCSF1/hTHPO protein, which will become a suitable animal model to investigate the development and function of human macrophages without irradiation treatment.


HSC Human Immune System Engraftment

Human CD34+ cells (0.15 M) were intravenously injected into homozygote B-NDG hCSF1/hTHPO mice (female, 6 week-old, n=15). Representative flow cytometric analysis of peripheral blood lymphocyte from mice after engraftment with human CD34+ cells. human multi-lineage cells, including T, B, NK, myeloid cells,monocyte and neutrophils, were successfully constructed. Our results suggest that the human HSC (hematopoietic stem cells) engrafted humanized mice model was successfully constructed.

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