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Biocytogen: One-stop Solution from Concept to IND Application

Biocytogen is a premier partner that provides one-stop solution for drug development, from concept to IND application. With cutting-edge technologies, state-of-art animal facility, and world-class platforms for efficient antibody drug development, Biocytogen offers comprehensive in vivo/in vitro preclinical services, animal model generation, antibody fully human RenMab mouse model, therapeutic antibody discovery and development, CMC/CDMO, and regulatory affairs support. Biocytogen collaborates with more than 70% of top 50 pharmaceutical and numerous biotech start-up companies worldwide. Together, we discover innovative medicines for a better, healthier world.

Our Mission

Advance life sciences with innovative models and services

Biocytogen strives to develop innovative models utilizing world leading technologies to help scientists understand biological processes and test therapeutic efficacy. It also provides world class services using these models and beyond for industry and academia customers. Since its establishment, Biocytogen has been a pioneer in the gene editing field. Our reliable and efficient gene editing platform has generated a variety of high-quality, customized mouse, rat and cell models. Moreover, Biocytogen’s immune checkpoint, cytokine and cytokine receptor humanized mice, the highly immune-deficient (B-NDG™) mice, and RenMab mice are being widely used by multinational pharmaceutical R&D companies, biotech start-ups, and research institutes, and are essential tools for scientists to explore the unknown and expedite their novel research and discoveries.

Accelerate drug discovery on integrated platforms

Drug development could be time consuming and expensive, with a high possibility for failure. Therefore, reducing the time frame is one of the top priorities for all the pharmaceutical companies to race against the diseases. Biocytogen provides innovative platforms that significantly shortens the drug discovery and development process in preclinical stages.

In the last decade since its founding, Biocytogen has emerged as a leading comprehensive drug discovery service provider that offers a comprehensive in vivo and in vitro pharmacological studies. Our fully integrated platforms and teams provide first class services in in vivo efficacy, pharmacokinetics (PK) & pharmacodynamics (PD) evaluations, in vitro assaysantibody drug R&D , and the development and large-scale breeding and supply of relevant animal models.

Biocytogen is further expanding its antibody drug CMC/CDMO and IND application services to create a one-stop service platform for antibody drug R&D. Through productive collaborations, Biocytogen will expedite the discovery and development of innovative drugs to meet the medical needs of patients worldwide.

Empower scientists to achieve goals

Biocytogen strives to serve the science community with a high standard of excellence. With our world leading technologies and integrated platforms, innovation never becomes so within reach. With clients welcome to utilize and collaborate with Biocytogen at any stages and levels, our goal is to accelerate our clients’ drug development from concept to IND, and support scientists to implement their innovative ideas.

A central neural circuit for itch sensation

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Follicular CXCR5-expressing CD8+ T cells curtail chronic viral infection

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