Product Product No Background Application
B-Cd11b-EGFP-DTR-Luc mice 112825 C57BL/6JNifdc
B-Cd11c-EGFP-DTR-Luc mice 112833 C57BL/6JNifdc The mice can be used to study the origin of mononuclear phagocytes and the specific role of DCs in immune response.
B-Cd19-EGFP-DTR-luciferase mice 112817 C57BL/6JNifdc
B-Cd8a-EGFP-DTR-luciferase mice 112814 C57BL/6JNifdc
B-Foxp3-EGFP-DTR-Luc mice 112682 C57BL/6N Regulatory T cell visualizing and ablation
B-Lyz2 EGFP-DTR-luciferase mice 112826 C57BL/6JNifdc
B-Ncr1-EGFP-DTR-luciferase mice 112816 C57BL/6JNifdc
B-Xcr1-EGFP-DTR-luciferase mice 112854 C57BL/6JNifdc
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