ESC-Based Gene Editing

Although traditional way to edit genomes but ESC/HR based gene editing offers following advantages: 



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The Embryonic Stem Cell Targeting Process in Mice

Embryonic stem cell or ESC-based gene targeting uses a stem cell’s plasticity to engineer gene targeted mice. Mouse stem cells are first electroporated with a targeting vector. Following successful homologous recombination between the targeting vector and ESC cell DNA, targeted embryonic stem cells are then injected into a normal mouse blastocyst. When injected, the stem cells colonize the blastocyst, resulting in a chimera with cells of distinct genotypes. Blastocysts are then implanted into a host mouse that will carry and deliver it. Finally, chimeric (founder) mice are bred with strains of mice to produce animals that have germline transmission of the targeted gene.

Knockout Mouse Models

In ESC-based gene knockout targeting, we use a positive selection marker to replace an exon of a targeted gene. The targeted gene is deleted globally, whereas in conditional knockout animals the gene is deleted only in selected cells, as determined by a tissue specific promoter. Conditional knockout mouse models are usually generated using Cre-LoxP or Flp-Frt recombination systems.

Knockin Mouse Models

To generate a knockin mouse, a DNA fragment of interest is inserted at the desired  location in the genome. This modality also allows for a variety of models to be created including point mutant, reporter (GFP), tagged (FLAG), Cre, and humanized mice.

Gene Targeted Models From Biocytogen

Biocytogen creates custom gene-targeted mouse and rat models to meet the research needs of academia and industry. Since our inception in 2008, we’ve completed more than 2500+ projects for clients and developed innovative technology that increases gene-editing efficiency by 10 to 20 fold, making our model development process faster and more affordable for our clients.

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