Immunodeficient Mouse Models (Non B-NDG background)

Product Product No Background Application area
B-Fcgr4 KO mice(CB-17 SCID) 111654 CB-17 SCID
B-IL2rg KO rats 210513 Sprague Dawley Immune system (Immunodeficiency)
B-Rag2 KO mice 110809 C57BL/6N l No mature T or B cellsl Used for efficacy and toxicity verification
B-Rag2 KO mice(C) 112883 BALB/cCrSlcNifdc
B-Rag2 KO rats 210511 Sprague Dawley Immune system (Immunodeficiency)
B-Rag2/F8 DKO mice 112250 C57BL/6
B-Rag2/Il2rg DKO mice 112937 C57BL/6N
B-SDG rats 210512 Sprague Dawley Immune system (Immunodeficiency)
B-hCD16A/hNKP46 mice(CB-17 SCID) 112987 CB-17 SCID
B-hCD98HC/Rag2 KO mice 112326 C57BL/6N Used for verification of efficacy and toxicity of drugs targeting human CD98HC
B-hNKP46 mice(CB-17 SCID) 112259 CB-17 SCID
B-hTFR1, Rag2 KO mice 112904 C57BL/6
B-nude rats 112457 Sprague Dawley
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