Humanized GPCR Mice

G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) play an integral role in transmitting cellular growth and migration signals in a variety of biological contexts. Alterations in GPCR signaling are associated with immune dysregulation and cancer progression, making GPCRs attractive drug targets. However, the complex biochemical structure and shared homology among family members has made targeting GPCRs difficult. Biocytogen has engineered several strains of humanized GPCR mice to test human GPCR drug candidates. Use of our humanized GPCR models allows for comprehensive safety, dosing, and efficacy testing of your therapeutic candidates prior to clinical development.

Product Product No Background
B-hA2AR mice 110120 C57BL/6
B-hC5AR1 Mice 110078 C57BL/6
B-hCCR2 mice 110097 C57BL/6
B-hCCR4 mice 110098 C57BL/6
B-hCCR8 mice 110096 C57BL/6
B-hCXCR2 mice 110816 C57BL/6
B-hCXCR5 mice 110970 C57BL/6
B-hETAR mice 110108 C57BL/6
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