G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) play an integral role in transmitting cellular growth and migration signals in a variety of biological contexts. Alterations in GPCR signaling are associated with immune dysregulation and cancer progression, making GPCRs attractive drug targets. However, the complex biochemical structure and shared homology among family members has made targeting GPCRs difficult. Biocytogen has engineered several strains of humanized GPCR mice to test human GPCR drug candidates. Use of our humanized GPCR models allows for comprehensive safety, dosing, and efficacy testing of your therapeutic candidates prior to clinical development.

Humanized GPCR Mice

Product Product No Background
B-hA2AR mice 110120 C57BL/6
B-hADGRG2 mice 112431 C57BL/6
B-hADORA2B mice 112583 C57BL/6
B-hADRB1 mice 111897 C57BL/6N
B-hBDKRB2 mice 112355 C57BL/6N
B-hC5AR1 Mice 110078 C57BL/6
B-hC5AR2 mice 111001 C57BL/6N
B-hCALCRL mice 110115 C57BL/6
B-hCB1 mice 110943 C57BL/6N
B-hCB2 mice 111000 C57BL/6N
B-hCCL20 mice 110854 C57BL/6N
B-hCCR1 mice 111191 C57BL/6N
B-hCCR2 mice 110097 C57BL/6N
B-hCCR3 mice 111401 C57BL/6N
B-hCCR4 mice 110098 C57BL/6
B-hCCR5 mice 110099 C57BL/6
B-hCCR6 mice 110853 C57BL/6N
B-hCCR7 mice 111557 C57BL/6N
B-hCCR8 mice 110096 C57BL/6
B-hCCR8 mice(C) 112487 BALB/cCrSIcNifdc
B-hCCR8/hCCL1 mice 121836 C57BL/6
B-hCCR9 mice 110972 C57BL/6N
B-hCGRP mice 110118 C57BL/6N
B-hCMKLR1 mice 112875 C57BL/6N
B-hCRTH2 mice plus 112547 C57BL/6N
B-hCX3CR1 mice 110101 C57BL/6
B-hCXCL13/hCXCR5 mice 111189 C57BL/6N
B-hCXCR2 mice 110816 C57BL/6
B-hCXCR3 mice 110969 C57BL/6N
B-hCXCR4 mice 110100 C57BL/6
B-hCXCR5 mice 110970 C57BL/6N
B-hCXCR6 mice 111186 C57BL/6N
B-hETAR mice 110108 C57BL/6
B-hF2RL1 mice 112362 C57BL/6
B-hFSHR mice 112061 C57BL/6N
B-hFXI mice 112749 C57BL/6
B-hFZD5 mice 112546 C57BL/6N
B-hFZD7 mice 112674 C57BL/6N
B-hGCGR mice 110105 C57BL/6
B-hGIPR mice 112714 C57BL/6
B-hGLP1R mice 170164 C57BL/6J
B-hGLP1R/hGCGR mice 121837 C57BL/6
B-hGPR20 mice 112629 C57BL/6N
B-hGPR35 mice 111171 C57BL/6N
B-hGPR40 mice 111595 C57BL/6N
B-hGPR55 mice 112462 C57BL/6N
B-hGPR75 mice 112305 C57BL/6JNifdc
B-hGPR87 mice 112529 C57BL/6N
B-hGPRC5D mice 111240 C57BL/6N
B-hLGR4 mice 110968 C57BL/6
B-hMC4R mice 112592 C57BL/6N
B-hPAC1R mice 112123 C57BL/6
B-hRSPO3/hLGR5 mice 110857 C57BL/6
B-hS1PR1 mice 111029 C57BL/6N
B-hSUCNR1 mice 111009 C57BL/6N
B-hVPAC1 mice 112336 C57BL/6
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