Antibody Hits In Discovery

Antibody Hits In Discovery

Over the past several years, our team has built up advanced technology platforms and specialized animal models to facilitate antibody discovery, pharmacologic validation, and ADC development. The efficiency of our gene editing and in vivo antibody discovery platforms has allowed our teams to systematically discover, screen, and validate new antibody hits in-house for over 1,000 popular drug targets. This unique, integrated antibody discovery technology platform is strategically designed to accelerate the process of antibody candidate selection in the following ways:

  • In vivo natural selection to maximize developability
  • Fully human antibody mice to eliminate need for humanization
  • Generating cross-species reactivity using knockout RenMice
  • Prioritizing in vivo efficacy screening for I/O targets
  • Enforcing a human common light chain for bispecific antibody/bispecific ADC development

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Out-licensing Opportunities For Your Pipeline

We are now offering out-licensing and co-development opportunities for these antibody hits and leads to the global biopharmaceutical community.

Contact us at [email protected] for more details about our platform’s capabilities and the current products available for your target.

Therapeutic Antibody Targets

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