Gene Editing Services

Our innovative gene-editing technology increases gene-editing efficiency by 10 to 20 fold,
making our custom model development process faster and more affordable for your research.

What Can Gene Editing Services Offer?

Gene editing services assist researchers in studying the function of genes and to associate them with physiological and pathological phenotypes. Gene editing services are also often used to generate animal models of diseases which can lead to the development of novel therapies. CRISPR/Cas9 based gene editing is employed to create humanized animal models which are widely used for various diseases, drug screening, organ transplantation, diagnostics, and personalized treatments, most notably in the field of oncology.

Why Biocytogen? – Global experts for Gene Editing Services

In the past decade, Biocytogen has grown into a global leader in the field of gene editing and animal model generation services. Using our cutting-edge technology platforms, we offer customized animal models and a vast collection of gene humanized mouse models for research and drug screening/evaluation. We generate approximately 800 mouse/rat models every year and ship to our customers worldwide. Biocytogen provides outstanding technical support, customer service, products with premier quality, quick turnaround times and a 100% service guarantee. For more information about our gene editing and animal generation services, contact us or see a message from our experts about our strict Quality Control measures.

Gene Targeted Research/Disease Models from Biocytogen

Biocytogen creates custom gene-targeted mouse, rat and cell models to meet the needs from academia and industry in research and discoveries. Since our inception in 2009, we’ve completed more than 3,500 projects for clients and developed innovative technologies that increases gene-editing efficiency by 10 to 20 fold with premier quality, making our model development process faster and more achievable for our clients.

Explore our Technology Platforms and Gene-targeting Strategies

Based on specific project goals, our expert scientists will work with you to select the optimal technologies you can employ to produce the disease models or advanced, humanized mouse models. With varied success rate requirements, experimental time lines, and resource allocations, please consult our team for a specialized experimental design best suited for your needs.

Experienced, Large-Scale Animal Breeding

Breeding is one of the critical steps to generate genetically engineered mouse models, and so any breeding protocols and environments must be scientifically validated, monitored, and maintained for consistency and replicability. A suitable breeding environment is important to have large litter sizes and shorten the timelines to produce mouse models. Biocytogen’s AAALAC accredited SPF animal facilities provide optimal breeding environments. Our experts design the most efficient breeding scheme to save on costs and time for our customers.

Biocytogen’s team of experts employ strict quality controls when offering gene targeting services to generate mouse, rat, and cell line models. Therefore, you can have confidence in the models we deliver to you and focus on downstream applications. Furthermore, a dedicated project manager will provide monthly updates on the status of your project.

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