TCR-Mimic Antibody Platform

Immunotherapy has made a great breakthrough in recent years, with antibody therapy at the core of this breakthrough. Traditional antibody therapies target cell membrane surface antigens (such as PD-1 and PD-L1) or soluble antigens. However, many tumor-associated antigens (for example,  RAS, P53, and WT1) are intracellular, which is a limitation of antibody therapy. Instead, intracellular antigens are recognized by T cell receptors (TCRs) that enhance cellular immunity by identifying MHC-antigen-peptide (MAP) on the tumor cell surface. However, these TCRs often have a low affinity for the corresponding antigen, which can result in tumor cell immune evasion. 

Biocytogen’s TCR-mimic antibody technology platform aims to effectively replace the traditional TCR response by discovering high-affinity antibodies with greater specificity for intracellular antigens. Learn more:

Advantages of Biocytogen’s TCR-mimic Antibody Platform

  1. Biocytogen’s unique HLA/RenMab mice, combined with our high-throughput antibody screening platform, enables a one-step process to generate fully human antibodies in vivo that identify human MAPs with high affinity.
  2. The antibodies selected through screening have better affinity and specificity than TCRs.
  3. The in situ large-fragment replacement and modification in RenMab mice ensures the diversity of antibody sequences.
  4. Our discovery process involves high-throughput screening in shortened timelines using the Beacon Optofluidic System and subsequent sequencing.
  5. The fully antibody sequences obtained by the TCR-mimic antibody technology platform provide more candidates for subsequent antibody-related drugs, CAR-T, TCR-T and other fields. It provides more intracellular targets for targeted clearance of specific abnormal cells such as tumor cells, infected cells and senescent cells. In addition, TCR-like blocking antibodies can also be utilized to spare cell populations that are attacked by autoimmune disease, so as to avoid damage to normal tissues.
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Generation of TCR-mimic antibodies targeting intracellular proteins to expand the druggable target repertoire for anti-tumor therapies

Progress of Biocytogen’s TCR-mimic Antibody Development

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SITC 2023: Identification of fully human TCR-mimic antibodies targeting the KRAS G12V/HLA complex generated in HLA-transgenic RenMabTM mice

SITC 2023: Preclinical application of a fully human TCR-mimic antibody developed to target NY-ESO-1/HLA-A02

AACR 2023: Targeting Intracellular Tumor Antigens Using Fully Human TCR Mimic Antibodies Derived From HLA Transgenic RenMice

AACR 2022: Generation of TCR-like fully human antibodies against HLA-antigen-peptide complexes using HLA transgenic RenMice

PEGS-EU 2022: A Novel TCR-mimic Fully Human Antibodies Discovery Platform

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