Antibody Discovery

Biocytogen’s antibody discovery platform provides all services between antibody preparation and IND application. This platform integrates classical hybridoma fusion technique, exquisite engineering technique and specific method for antibody screening utilizing humanized mice, incorporating much helpful resource of Biocytogen’s gene editing platform and pharmacology & pharmacodynamics service platform as well as Haimen Animal Center. Since the establishment of the platform in 2016, it has successfully completed high-throughput screening of dozens of targets in a short time and selected more than thousands of antibody clones. You can acquire the best antibody drug without going the extra mile.

Biocytogen developed the novel RenMab mouse in 2019, enabling complete substitution of fully human antibody V-region genes for light-chain/heavy-chain V-region genes in wild-type mice. Antibody development, in combination with discovery in Biocytogen’s RenMab mice, is a top choice for you to shorten the test cycle and improve screening efficiency.

Our mission is to develop innovative drugs for pharmaceutical companies and patients worldwide. Our excellent project management team and professional staff are an important support to our innovation. If you aim at developing any new target antibody, our experienced technical experts and effective managerial staff are here to help. From target information investigation, protocol design to project tracking and determination of lead antibody, we provide all-around one-stop services.

With highly efficient in vivo screening method, characteristic humanized mouse validation model, and rigorous quality control specification, our platform is dedicated to providing you with higher quality antibody drug development services.

In Vivo
Activity Assay

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