Antibody Discovery

Biocytogen’s antibody discovery services cover antibody preparation through IND application. Our platform integrates conventional hybridoma fusion technique, antibody engineering, and specific method for antibody screening utilizing humanized mice models, incorporating resources of Biocytogen’s gene editing capabilities and pharmacology & PK/PD platform as well as our established animal facilities. Biocytogen’s antibody discovery platform has successfully completed high-throughput screening of dozens of targets in a short time and selected more than thousands of antibody clones. You can acquire the best antibody candidates without going the extra mile.

Differentiations of Biocytogen’s Antibody Discovery Platform

1. Proven track record as a one-stop service from discovery to IND – maximum efficiency to drastically expedite preclinical research

2. Access to RenMabTM Mouse for the discovery of fully human antibody hits – this leading in vivo platform generates human antibodies with full VDJ diversity and favorable pharmacodynamics properties.

3. Single B-cell screening using Opto-SelectTM platform – this step allows rapid identification of hits in the timeline of weeks rather than months.

4. Best-in-class in vivo efficacy screening for leads and candidate selection – Biocytogen’s extensive catalog of humanized mouse models of immune-checkpoints and cytokines/cytokine receptors.


In Vivo
Activity Assay

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