Antibody Discovery Services

Our services provide a end-to-end solution for your antibody discovery needs.

Antibody Discovery Services

Biocytogen’s state-of-the art antibody discovery platform significantly accelerates the timeline for therapeutic antibody discovery. Our humanized immunoglobulin mouse models and cutting-edge single B-cell cloning technology generate high-quality human antibody hits for your target within 8-10 weeks of immunization, making our platform both efficient and cost-effective.


Antibody Discovery Services
Our antibody discovery and pharmacology experts can take your project from target discovery all the way to IND application.

Advantages of our platform

Our Expertise

Our team has successfully completed several hundred projects yielding thousands of antibody clones against a range of targets, including challenging targets, such as GPCRs/ion channels.


Humanized immunoglobulin mouse platform

Our flagship RenMab™ mouse enables the in vivo generation of human antibodies with full VDJ diversity, low immunogenicity, and favorable developability. This minimizes the need for excessive rounds of late-stage antibody engineering and validation. In the past year, therapeutic antibody candidates discovered from our RenMab platform have already moved into clinical development.


Accelerated timeline with Beacon® Optofluidic System

Use of Berkeley Lights’ Optofluidic platform allows for the rapid identification of antibody hits in weeks, rather than months.


Genetically modified mouse models for pharmacologic profiling

Biocytogen’s humanized mouse models allow for in vivo efficacy screening for antibody leads and candidates targeting immune checkpoints and cytokines/cytokine receptors.


Our Areas of Expertise

Biocytogen’s scientific expertise, advanced in-house technologies, and best-in-class animal models means that our team can deliver high-quality antibodies for your desired target with minimum risk and maximum efficiency.

While our platform is chiefly designed to accelerate therapeutic antibody discovery, we also offer antibody generation services for other specialized applications, including bioanalytical, anti-idiotype, and surrogate antibodies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Therapeutic antibodies

Fully human antibody hits generated in vivo in our RenMab™/RenLite™ models are designed to streamline the selection of monoclonal antibody drug candidates. In the past year, our models have already generated promising antibody candidates that are moving into clinical development.

Anti-idiotype antibodies

Anti-idiotype antibodies detect the CDR region of your antibody, and can be specifically designed to detect the levels of free and/or bound antibody. We can help to generate antigen-blocking or non-blocking anti-idiotype antibodies to determine the pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties of your antibody leads.

Surrogate antibodies

For antibody targets with low homology between human and mouse, we can generate a surrogate antibody targeting the murine antigen for preclinical validation studies. For some common immuno-oncology targets, we have generated humanized mice to circumvent this step.

Bispecific/multispecific antibodies

Antibody hits generated in vivo in our RenLite™ model can be rapidly engineered for bispecific/multispecific antibody development.

Advantages of bispecific/multispecific antibodies

Engineering of antibodies to detect two (or more) targets significantly accelerates the clinical development of what would otherwise be a combination therapy. Moreover, multispecific antibodies have the potential to promote synergy and efficacy in treating cancer and autoimmune diseases.

Customized valencies

We can engineer sequences for bispecific/multispecific antibody production in both asymmetric and symmetric formats.


Because the RenLite™ model contains only one Vk and one Jk gene, the light chain sequences of your antibodies after affinity maturation should remain biochemically compatible. This eliminates the inefficiencies associated with light-chain mispairing during discovery and scale-up production, pushing your top candidates into development much faster than with quadroma technology.

We are currently offering bispecific antibody development for partners licensing our RenLite model. For other applications, contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Our Recent Success

After screening over 200 antibodies that demonstrated strong binding to SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, our team identified two leading antibodies targeting distinct epitopes for cocktail therapy candidates. Compared with single use, the effect of the combination treatment synergized to neutralize the virus in preclinical in vivo efficacy studies.

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