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Developing a new drug for human use is a lengthy and costly process that takes an average of 10 years or more and costs approximately $2.6 billion, yet when you consider the number of people a successful drug can help, the return on investment can be astounding.

For clinical researchers and pharmaceutical companies, it’s critical to carefully explore the chemical composition and mechanics of drugs to minimize their adverse side effects and maximize their therapeutic properties before taking it to clinical trials. Biocytogen is one stop CRO which can help you all along, from concept to IND application.

Animal Models for Research

Anatomically and physiologically, many similarities exist between humans and animals — particularly rodents such as mice and rats. We share the same organs and organ systems that perform similar life functions. 

Although significant advancement has been made in in vitro models and methods – still their application is very limited to the human translational research.  Animal models Ethical and safety concerns prohibit human clinical trials until drugs are proven safe and certain level of efficacy. Though, they’re still limited. As such, it’s logical that researchers and pharmaceutical companies turn to animal models for cancer research and other fields of drug development.

Biocytogen, provides  number of genetically-modified animal models for basic and preclinical research, including humanized immune checkpoint mouse models and highly immune-deficient B-NDG™ mouse. Our AAALAC-accredited animal facility, in china, can house up to 3,000,000 rodents, and ships to our customers worldwide.

Cell Line Engineering Services

Cell line engineering — also referred to as cell line editing — involves the genetic altering of cell lines to determine the effects of a specific alteration. This process is essential in the discovery of new drugs and therapies. We have more than a decade of experience engineering a wide range of cell backgrounds, from HeLa, 293FT and HEK 293 to more challenging-to-confect cell lines such as fibroblasts, endothelium-derived, neuroblastoma-derived, bone-marrow-derived hepatocellular-carcinoma-derived cells, and hiPSC.

Biocytogen — A World Leader in Animal & Cell Line Engineering Services

Biocytogen has been serving customers, both in academia and industry, around the world for over a decade. With our commitment to quality in everything we do, we’ll work closely with you to deliver models and services that meet your precise specifications in a timely manner. We offer world-leading, cutting-edge technology platforms, superior service, a fast timeline, a large collection of animals for research and a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

Our facility in Haimen , China is AAALAC-accredited and adheres to the humane treatment of animals in research. For more information about our products and services, contact us today.


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Immunodeficient B-NDG Mice

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