CAR-T Efficacy Evaluation

Our innovative gene-editing technology increases gene-editing efficiency by 10 to 20 fold, making
our custom model development process faster and more affordable for your research.

CAR-T efficacy evaluation in B-NDG mice

We have extensive experience evaluating the efficacy of CAR-T cells against multiple tumor models.  Efficacy can be readily assessed in our highly immune-deficient B-NDG mice.  Contact us to learn more and we would be happy to provide support for your next CAR-T project.

Case 1: CAR-T immunotherapy against human B cell lymphoma in B-NDG mice

Raji-Luc cells were implanted intravenously into B-NDG mice on Day 0. CAR-T cells were also intravenously injected at the time of Raji-Luc implantation. (A) Luciferase signal intensity of CAR-T cell treatment; (B) Body weight of treated B-NDG mice.

Case 2: CAR-T immunotherapy against human B cell lymphoma in B-NDG B2M KO mice




(A) Survival rate of B-NDG mice (n=5) and B-NDG B2M KO mice (n=9) after PBMC reconstitution and CAR-T therapy. (B)Total flux in B-NDG B2M KO mice treated with CAR-T1 or CAR-T2 cells. (C) Density of CAR-T cells in B-NDG B2M KO mice. These results demonstrated that CAR-T cells were amplified first to kill tumor cells, and then reduced as tumor cells were eliminated.

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