Conventional Knockout/Knockin

Our innovative gene-editing technology increases gene-editing efficiency by 10 to 20 fold, making
our custom model development process faster and more affordable for your research.

Conventional Knockout and Knockin Mouse Models

Our experts can genetically edit several different strains of mice, including C57BL/6, Balb/c, DBA2, and NOD-scid for applications such as disease modeling. Mouse model generation can use either CRISPR/CAS9 EGE™ or ESC-based gene editing technologies, for which the turnaround times are 6-8 months and 9-12 months, respectively.

With both CRISPR/CAS9 EGE™ or ESC-based gene editing, you can obtain either Global Knockout (KO) or Knockin (KI) mouse models.

Global Knockout (KO)

In a global knockout (KO) mouse model, an exon of a target gene is globally deleted (EGE™ method) or replaced (ESC/HR) with a positive selection marker (Neomycin in most cases), thus inactivating the gene. In global, or whole-body KO mice, the gene of interest is disrupted across all tissues.


Global Knockin (KI)

Global knockin mouse models introduce mutant or exogenous DNA sequences into a specific locus in the mouse genome. These models can mimic genetic diseases when mutation(s) are introduced, or monitor gene expression when genes are tagged with various proteins (e.g. EGFP, tdTomato, mRFP, mCherry, YFP, LacZ, and/or protein tags, etc.).


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