Humanized Cytokines Mice

Cytokines play an important role in regulating the body’s immune, hematopoietic, nervous, and endocrine systems. Cytokine antibodies in drug development have demonstrated clinical significance in treating autoimmune and other inflammatory diseases. Backed by detailed investigation and careful design, Biocytogen presents a series of mouse models with humanized cytokines and/or cytokine receptors for preclinical evaluation of novel anti-human immunotherapies.

Humanized Cytokine Mice

Product Product No Background
B-hALB mice 110960 C57BL/6
B-hANGPTL4 mice 111085 C57BL/6
B-hANGPTL8 mice 111230 C57BL/6
B-hC5/hC5AR1 mice 121215 C57BL/6
B-hCCN1 mice 111235 C57BL/6
B-hCCN2 mice 111523 C57BL/6
B-hCD14 mice 111130 C57BL/6
B-hCSF1R mice 110035 C57BL/6
B-hCXCL13 mice 111136 C57BL/6
B-hGDF15 mice 111201 C57BL/6
B-hIFNGR1 mice 110804 C57BL/6
B-hIFNGR2 mice 110803 C57BL/6
B-hIGFBP2 mice 110987 C57BL/6
B-hIL10 mice 110060 C57BL/6
B-hIL10/hIL10RA mice 120750 C57BL/6
B-hIL10RA mice 110083 C57BL/6
B-hIL10RB mice 110773 C57BL/6
B-hIL11 mice 110079 C57BL/6
B-hIL11/hIL11RA mice 111865 C57BL/6
B-hIL11RA mice 110879 C57BL/6
B-hIL12A/hIL12B/hIL12RB1/hIL12RB2 mice 140575 C57BL/6
B-hIL13 mice 110058 C57BL/6
B-hIL15RA mice 110112 C57BL/6
B-hIL17A Mice 110053 C57BL/6
B-hIL17A/hIL17F mice 120554 C57BL/6
B-hIL17RA mice 110054 C57BL/6
B-hIL17RB mice 110090 C57BL/6
B-hIL1A mice 110073 C57BL/6
B-hIL1B mice 110075 C57BL/6
B-hIL1RAcP mice 110072 C57BL/6
B-hIL2 mice 110085 C57BL/6
B-hIL2/hIL2RA/hIL2RB mice 131076 C57BL/6
B-hIL21R mice 110766 C57BL/6
B-hIL23A/hIL12B mice 120553 C57BL/6
B-hIL27 mice 110763 C57BL/6
B-hIL27RA mice 110765 C57BL/6
B-hIL2RA mice 110066 C57BL/6
B-hIL2RB mice 110737 C57BL/6
B-hIL2RB/IL2RG mice 111850 C57BL/6
B-hIL2RG mice 110087 C57BL/6
B-hIL3 mice 110080 C57BL/6
B-hIL31/hIL31RA mice 120745 C57BL/6
B-hIL33 mice 110055 C57BL/6
B-hIL33/hTSLP/hTSLPR mice 111867 C57BL/6
B-hIL36A mice 110092 C57BL/6
B-hIL36R mice 110084 C57BL/6
B-hIL4 mice 110064 C57BL/6
B-hIL4/hIL4RA mice 120551 C57BL/6
B-hIL4/hIL4RA/hIL13 mice 131037 C57BL/6
B-hIL6/hIL6R mice 120557 C57BL/6
B-hIL9R mice 110761 C57BL/6
B-hLTA/hTNFA/hLTB mice 130769 C57BL/6
B-hOSMR mice 111859 C57BL/6
B-hPAI1 mice 111119 C57BL/6
B-hPCSK9 mice 110928 C57BL/6
B-hPD-1/hPCSK9 mice 111861 C57BL/6
B-hPD-1/hPD-L1/hCSF1/hCSF1R mice 111854 C57BL/6
B-hPD-1/hPD-L1/hIL1B mice 131619 C57BL/6
B-hRSPO1 mice 110900 C57BL/6
B-hSORT1 mice 111158 C57BL/6
B-hSOST mice 110111 C57BL/6
B-hSPP1 mice 111087 C57BL/6
B-hTNFA mice 110002 C57BL/6
B-hTNFA/hIL17A mice 120548 C57BL/6
B-hTNFA/hTNFR2 mice 120749 C57BL/6
B-hTNFR2 mice 110032 C57BL/6
B-hTSLP mice 110834 C57BL/6
B-hTSLP/hTSLPR mice 121269 C57BL/6