Bispecific ADC Platform

Bispecific antibody-drug conjugates (BsADCs) targeting dual tumor-associated antigens (TAAs) offer advantages in fighting against cancer. The advantages of bsADCs include:

  1. The ability to simultaneously target multiple tumor-driven proteins, potentially overcoming drug resistance.
  2. Recognition of cells co-expressing both targets to increase tumor specificity and reduce off-target toxicity.
  3. The combination of two selected targets increases internalization and thus tumor killing.

Overview of Biocytogen’s Bispecific ADC platform

The fully human antibodies produced by RenLite® mice have a complete human heavy chain variable region with a common kappa light chain, which can effectively eliminate chain mispairing issues during the drug development process.

RenLite® mice can produce fully human antibodies with diverse epitopes and high affinity. To assemble bispecific antibodies (bsAb), KIH (knobs-into-holes) technology is used to connect the heavy chains of the two parental monoclonal antibodies, ensuring the successful assembly of a BsAb molecule with a stable monoclonal antibody structure.

Advantages of Biocytogen’s BsADC Platform 

  1. RenLite®-derived common light chain antibodies are assembled into a BsAb with a low mismatch rate and ideal physiochemical properties.
  2. Immunization of RenLite® target KO mice can generate antibodies with increased diversity that potentially recognize novel epitopes of a given target. These antibodies are more likely to exhibit cross-species reactivity.
  3. Our platform enables rapid generation of high-quality BsAbs/BsADCs for high-throughput in vitro and in vivo screening.
  4. Use of a novel proprietary linker-payload system, BLD1102, which is comprised of a novel topoisomerase 1 inhibitor with broad-spectrum and potent tumor killing ability, and a uniquely designed cleavable linker with hydrophilic properties that renders conjugated antibodies as hydrophilic as monoclonal antibodies. Preclinical studies indicate BLD1102-ADCs exhibit good stability and tolerability in vivo.

Discovery of Novel BsADCs: Project Integrum

As part of Biocytogen’s Project Integrum, combinations of TAA-targeting antibodies generated from RenLite® mice are subsequently assembled and evaluated in vivo for pharmacologic efficacy, and subjected to in vitro analyses. The company’s large animal translational platform will further screen out products with better translational properties:


Off-the-shelf TAA-targeting antibodies available for flexible plug & play

BsADC programs available for partnership

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Festival of Biologics 2024: Generation of a TAA Antibody Library to Support the Development of Antibody-Drug Conjugates (ADC)

AACR 2024: BCG016, a first-in-class bispecific antibody-drug conjugate targeting 5T4 and MUC1, demonstrates potent preclinical anti-tumor activity

AACR 2024: BCG017, a bispecific ADC targeting PTK7 and EGFR exhibits anti-tumor efficacy in PDX models

AACR 2024: A novel EGFR×HER3-targeting bispecific antibody drug-conjugate, BCG019, demonstrates robust anti-tumor efficacy in preclinical evaluation

AACR 2024: BCG022, a novel HER3×MET bispecific antibody-drug conjugate (bsADC), demonstrates promising anti-tumor efficacy

AACR 2024: A first-in-class bispecific ADC targeting FOLR1 and MUC1 exhibits promising anti-tumor activity in a FOLR1low xenograft model

AACR 2024: BCG033, a novel bispecific antibody-drug conjugate targeting PTK7 and TROP2, demonstrates preclinical efficacy against triple-negative breast cancer and other solid tumor xenografts


SITC 2023: A Novel Bispecific Antibody-drug Conjugate Targeting PTK7 and TROP2, BCG033, Demonstrates Preclinical Efficacy Against Triple-negative Breast Cancer Xenografts

SITC 2023: BCG022: A HER3×MET bispecific antibody-drug conjugate (BsADC) targeting key mechanisms of bypass resistance in multiple tumor types

SITC 2023: BSA01, a bispecific antibody-drug conjugate targeting EGFR and membrane-bound MUC-1-C, exhibits anti-tumor efficacy in vivo

SITC 2023: Preclinical evaluation of fully human bispecific antibody-drug candidates targeting HER3 and the juxtamembrane region of MUC1

AACR 2023: A First-In-Class Anti-HER2/TROP2 Bispecific Antibody-Drug Conjugate (YH012) Exhibits Potent Anti-Tumor Efficacy

AACR 2023: A Novel EGFR x MUC1 Bispecific Antibody-Drug Conjugate, BSA01, Targets MUC1 Transmembrane Cleavage Products and Improves Tumor Selectivity

AACR 2023: BCG022: A Novel Bispecific Antibody-Drug Conjugate Targeting HER3 and MET

AACR 2023: Discovery of BCG033, A Novel Anti-PTK7 x TROP2 Bispecific Antibody-Drug Conjugate with Promising Efficacy Against Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

AACR 2022: YH012, a Novel Bispecific Anti-HER2 and TROP2 Antibody-Drug Conjugate, Exhibits Potent Antitumor Efficacy

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