We offer several strains of off-the-shelf genetically modified mouse and rat models to help advance your research projects.  Browse the list below to find the reporter model you need, or contact us for a custom model request.

Product Product No Background Application
B-CAG-Upar-tdTomato cKI mice 111205 C57BL/6 B-CAG-Upar-tdTomato cKI mice model is an efficient tool to study the mouse UPAR function in different tissues after cross with the tissue specification Cre mice.
B-CAG-tdTomato cKI mice 110148 C57BL/6N Cre-induced tdTomato expression for Cre expression profile detection
B-CAG-tdTomato cKI rats 112495 SD Reporter line that can be crossed with Cre-expressing strains. In presence of Cre, the floxed "stop" upstream of the TdTomato gene is deleted allowing expression of the red fluorescent TdTomato protein.
B-Cd155-EGFP KI mice 111927 C57BL/6N Validation of the function of Cd155 in the development of tumor disease.
B-Cd38-EGFP KI mice 112473 C57BL/6N Validation of the function of Cd38 in the development of tumor disease
B-Il17a-EGFP mice 110161 C57BL/6 IL17 expression and functional test (gene reporter mice)
B-PD-1-EGFP KI mice 110166 C57BL/6N PD-1, PD1
B-ROSA26-EGFP-DTA mice 110156 C57BL/6 • Function research of genes • Deletion of specific groups of cells
B-Upar-EGFP mice 111911 C57BL/6N Validation of the expression and function of Plaur in diseases
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