Anti-PD-1/CD40 bispecific antibody YH008

YH008 is a potentially first-in-class anti-PD-1/CD40 bispecific antibody for the treatment of solid tumors. YH008 activates CD40 while simultaneously inhibiting PD-1. Our pre-clinical data shows that YH008 has promising in vivo efficacy and superior safety. The results of in vitro and in vivo experiments show that the activation of the CD40 pathway by YH008 depends on the cross-linking effect of PD-1, avoiding non-specific activation outside the tumor microenvironment. It is currently at CMC stage. In vivo pharmacodynamics studies have found that the YH008 bispecific antibody has significantly better tumor inhibitory effects than anti-PD-1 and anti-CD40 single agents in PD-1/CD40 dual humanized mouse models.

In addition, YH008 also significantly prolonged the survival time at the same dose level compared to the five marketed anti-PD-1 monoclonal antibodies. By virtue of its strong in vivo efficacy and unique mechanism of action, YH008 is expected to become a new generation of anti-tumor drugs with significant potential.

AACR 2022 poster: YH008, a PD-1-CD40 Bispecific Antibody, Inhibits Tumor Growth In Vivo Through PD-1-Dependent Activation of CD40 Signaling

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