Drug Target Knockout Mice

Since our inception in 2009, our company’s strong focus on genetic engineering has led to the creation of multiple strains of mice for preclinical efficacy testing as well as antibody drug discovery. More recently, our team has been working to create knockout mice for key drug target genes to facilitate mechanistic studies and target discovery. For this purpose, we are pleased to introduce more than 750 new strains of knockout mice, now available to the global biomedical research community.

Drug Target Knockout (KO) Mouse models

Product Product No. Background
B- Il17b KO mice(C) 112301 BALB/c
B-A2aR KO mice(C) 112300 BALB/c
B-Adam15 KO mice 170716 C57BL/6N
B-Adipoq KO mice 170715 C57BL/6N
B-Adm KO mice 170717 C57BL/6N
B-Amhr2 KO mice 170921 C57BL/6N
B-Amigo2 KO mice 170918 C57BL/6N
B-Angpt1 KO mice 170719 C57BL/6N
B-Angptl3 KO mice 170864 C57BL/6N
B-Angptl8 KO mice 170944 C57BL/6N
B-Aoc3 KO mice 170720 C57BL/6N
B-Aplnr KO mice 170854 C57BL/6N
B-App KO mice 170721 C57BL/6
B-Areg KO mice 170722 C57BL/6N
B-Artn KO mice 170724 C57BL/6N
B-Asic1 KO mice 170713 C57BL/6N
B-Axl KO mice 170860 C57BL/6N
B-B7-h4 KO mice(C) 112302 BALB/c
B-Brca KO mice 170727 C57BL/6N
B-Brca1 KO mice 170726 C57BL/6N
B-Bst2 KO mice 170897 C57BL/6N
B-Btla KO mice 170925 C57BL/6
B-C5a KO mice 170786 C57BL/6N
B-C5ar1 KO mice 170728 C57BL/6N
B-C5ar1 KO mice(C) 112293 BALB/c
B-C5ar2 KO mice 170938 C57BL/6N
B-Calca KO mice 170731 C57BL/6N
B-Car9 KO mice 170928 C57BL/6N
B-CB1 KO mice 170756 C57BL/6N
B-Ccl2 KO mice 170831 C57BL/6N
B-Ccl20 KO mice 170832 C57BL/6N
B-Ccl3 KO mice 170833 C57BL/6N
B-Ccl4 KO mice 170834 C57BL/6J
B-Ccl5 KO mice 170835 C57BL/6N
B-Ccn1 KO mice 170793 C57BL/6N
B-Ccn2 KO mice 170775 C57BL/6N
B-Ccr1 KO mice 170749 C57BL/6N
B-Ccr2 KO mice 170752 C57BL/6N
B-Ccr2 KO mice(C) 112289 BALB/c
B-Ccr3 KO mice 170751 C57BL/6N
B-Ccr4 KO mice(C) 112294 BALB/c
B-Ccr5 KO mice 170753 C57BL/6N
B-Ccr5 KO mice(C) 112295 BALB/c
B-Ccr6 KO mice 170732 C57BL/6N
B-Ccr7 KO mice 170754 C57BL/6N
B-Ccr8 KO mice 170755 C57BL/6N
B-Ccr9 KO mice 170750 C57BL/6N
B-Cd138 KO mice 170843 C57BL/6N
B-Cd160 KO mice 170873 C57BL/6J
B-Cd16a KO mice 170935 C57BL/6N
B-Cd180 KO mice 170809 C57BL/6N
B-Cd2 KO mice 170733 C57BL/6N
B-Cd200r1 KO mice 170883 C57BL/6N
B-Cd23 KO mice 170771 C57BL/6N
B-Cd24 KO mice 170734 C57BL/6N
B-Cd248 KO mice 170899 C57BL/6N
B-Cd274 KO mice 170889 C57BL/6
B-Cd276 KO mice(C) 170916 BALB/c
B-Cd28 KO mice 170735 C57BL/6N
B-Cd34 KO mice 170736 C57BL/6N
B-Cd38 KO mice 170738 C57BL/6N
B-Cd40 KO mice 170849 C57BL/6
B-Cd43 KO mice 170840 C57BL/6N
B-Cd44 KO mice(C) 112306 BALB/c
B-Cd47 KO mice 170800 C57BL/6
B-Cd47 KO mice(C) 170799 BALB/c
B-Cd5 KO mice 170740 C57BL/6N
B-Cd52 KO mice 170855 C57BL/6N
B-Cd6 KO mice 170741 C57BL/6N
B-Cd63 KO mice 170742 C57BL/6N
B-Cd69 KO mice 170743 C57BL/6N
B-Cd79b KO mice 170792 C57BL/6N
B-Cd81 KO mice 170744 C57BL/6N
B-Cd93 KO mice 170807 C57BL/6N
B-Cd96 KO mice 170914 C57BL/6
B-Cdh3 KO mice 170745 C57BL/6N
B-Cfd KO mice 170718 C57BL/6N
B-Cfh KO mice 170746 C57BL/6N
B-Chil1 KO mice 170747 C57BL/6N
B-Cldn18.2 KO mice(C) 112260 BALB/c
B-Cldn6 KO mice 170874 C57BL/6N
B-Clec9a KO mice 112695 C57BL/6N
B-Clec14a KO mice 170894 C57BL/6N
B-Cmtm6 KO mice 170895 C57BL/6J
B-Cnr2 KO mice 170758 C57BL/6N
B-Crtam KO mice 170876 C57BL/6N
B-Crth2 KO mice 170784 C57BL/6N
B-Csf2 KO mice 170759 C57BL/6N
B-Csf2 KO mice(C) 112280 BALB/c
B-Csf2ra KO mice(C) 112281 BALB/c
B-Csf3 KO mice 170760 C57BL/6N
B-Cspg5 KO mice 170863 C57BL/6N
B-Cx3cl1 KO mice 170836 C57BL/6N
B-Cx3cr1 KO mice(C) 112292 BALB/c
B-Cxcl1 KO mice 170785 C57BL/6N
B-Cxcl13 KO mice 170877 C57BL/6N
B-Cxcl16 KO mice 170893 C57BL/6N
B-Cxcl4 KO mice 170881 C57BL/6N
B-Cxcl9 KO mice 170815 C57BL/6
B-Cxcr3 KO mice 170748 C57BL/6N
B-Cxcr5 KO mice 170725 C57BL/6N
B-Cxcr6 KO mice 170908 C57BL/6N
B-CypA KO mice 170936 C57BL/6J
B-Ddr1 KO mice 170730 C57BL/6N
B-Dlk1 KO mice 170761 C57BL/6N
B-Dpp4 KO mice 170762 C57BL/6N
B-Entpd1 KO mice 170739 C57BL/6N
B-Epcam KO mice 170808 C57BL/6N
B-Ephb4 KO mice 170764 C57BL/6N
B-Epor KO mice 170765 C57BL/6N
B-Esr1 KO mice 170766 C57BL/6N
B-Fap KO mice 170767 C57BL/6N
B-Fcer1a KO mice 170770 C57BL/6N
B-Fcgr2b KO mice 170772 C57BL/6N
B-Fgf21 KO mice 170879 C57BL/6N
B-Fgf23 KO mice 112701 C57BL/6N
B-Fgfr3 KO mice 170773 C57BL/6N
B-Fgfrl1 KO mice 112698 C57BL/6N
B-Fgl2 KO mice 170774 C57BL/6N
B-Fn14 KO mice 170862 C57BL/6N
B-Folr4 KO mice 170890 C57BL/6N
B-Gcgr KO mice 170776 C57BL/6N
B-Gcgr KO mice(C) 112290 BALB/c
B-Gdf15 KO mice 170856 C57BL/6N
B-Ghr KO mice 170777 C57BL/6
B-Ghrl KO mice 170885 C57BL/6N
B-Gjb2 KO mice 170778 C57BL/6N
B-Gjb2 KO mice(CBA/CaJ) 170780 CBA/CaJ
B-Gjb2 KO mice(FVB) 170781 FVB
B-Glp1r KO mice(C) 112291 BALB/c
B-Gpc1 KO mice 170782 C57BL/6N
B-Gpr55 KO mice 170927 C57BL/6N
B-Gpr75 KO mice 112733 C57BL/6J
B-Gpr84 KO mice 170909 C57BL/6N
B-Gprc5d KO mice 170915 C57BL/6N
B-Grm7 KO mice 170919 C57BL/6
B-Gsdmd KO mice 170896 C57BL/6N
B-Hamp KO mice 170913 C57BL/6N
B-Hbegf KO mice 170787 C57BL/6N
B-hFFAR1 KO mice 170930 C57BL/6N
B-Hgfac KO mice 170875 C57BL/6N
B-Hk2 KO mice 170788 C57BL/6N
B-HLA-G KO mice 170947 C57BL/6N
B-Hmgb1 KO mice 170789 C57BL/6N
B-Ibsp KO mice 170790 C57BL/6N
B-Icos KO mice 170872 C57BL/6N
B-Icosl KO mice 170866 C57BL/6N
B-Ifnb1 KO mice 170791 C57BL/6N
B-IgE KO mice 170942 C57BL/6N
B-Il10 KO mice 170794 C57BL/6
B-Il10 KO mice(C) 112269 BALB/c
B-Il11 KO mice(C) 112261 BALB/c
B-Il13 KO mice(C) 112262 BALB/c
B-Il17a KO mice(C) 112267 BALB/c
B-Il17c KO mice 170931 C57BL/6N
B-Il17d KO mice(C) 112298 BALB/c
B-Il17f KO mice(C) 112296 BALB/c
B-Il17ra KO mice(C) 112285 BALB/c
B-Il17rc KO mice(C) 112297 BALB/c
B-Il18 KO mice 170795 C57BL/6N
B-Il18bp KO mice 112734 C57BL/6N
B-Il19 KO mice 170941 C57BL/6N
B-Il1a KO mice(C) 112284 BALB/c
B-Il1b KO mice(C) 112266 BALB/c
B-Il1rl1 KO mice 170810 C57BL/6N
B-Il20 KO mice 170884 C57BL/6N
B-Il21 KO mice(C) 112263 BALB/c
B-Il21r KOmice 170888 C57BL/6N
B-Il23a KO mice(C) 112283 BALB/c
B-Il23r KO mice(C) 112273 BALB/c
B-Il27 KO mice(C) 112275 BALB/c
B-Il2rg KO mice 170796 C57BL/6N
B-Il3 KO mice(C) 112271 BALB/c
B-Il31 KO mice(C) 112286 BALB/c
B-Il31ra KO mice(C) 112287 BALB/c
B-Il33 KO mice 170907 C57BL/6N
B-Il33 KO mice(C) 112270 BALB/c
B-Il34 KO mice 170906 C57BL/6
B-Il3ra KO mice(C) 112282 BALB/c
B-Il4 KO mice(C) 112265 BALB/c
B-Il4/Il5ra KO mice(C) 112390 BALB/c
B-Il4ra KO mice(C) 112264 BALB/c
B-Il5 KO mice(C) 112274 BALB/c
B-Il5ra KO mice 112527 C57BL/6N
B-Il5ra KO mice(C) 112277 BALB/c
B-Il6 KO mice(C) 112272 BALB/c
B-Il6ra KO mice(C) 112268 BALB/c
B-Itga11 KO mice 170939 C57BL/6
B-Itgam KO mice 170797 C57BL/6N
B-Itgb3 KO mice 170798 C57BL/6N
B-Klk1 KO mice 112694 C57BL/6N
B-Kras KO mice 170802 C57BL/6N
B-Lag3 KO mice 170804 C57BL/6N
B-Lair1 KO mice 170869 C57BL/6N
B-Lrp10 KO mice 170892 C57BL/6N
B-Lrrc15 KO mice 170905 C57BL/6N
B-Lrrc32 KO mice 170943 C57BL/6J
B-Lypd3 KO mice 170902 C57BL/6N
B-Madcam1 KO mice 112700 C57BL/6N
B-Maea KO mice 170886 C57BL/6N
B-Mag KO mice 170812 C57BL/6N
B-Mapt KO mice 170816 C57BL/6N
B-Marco KO mice 170813 C57BL/6N
B-Mif KO mice 170814 C57BL/6N
B-Msln KO mice 170878 C57BL/6N
B-Muc1 KO mice 170817 C57BL/6N
B-Muc3 KO mice 112699 C57BL/6N
B-Nampt KO mice 170887 C57BL/6N
B-Ncr1 KO mice(CB-17 SCID) 112735 CB-17 SCID
B-Nectin4 KO mice 170900 C57BL/6N
B-Ngf KO mice 170818 C57BL/6N
B-Nkg2a KO mice 170801 C57BL/6N
B-Nkg2d KO mice 170861 C57BL/6N
B-NKp46 KO mice 170811 C57BL/6J
B-Nrros KO mice 170926 C57BL/6
B-Nt5e KO mice 170857 C57BL/6J
B-Nt5e KO mice(C) 112278 BALB/c
B-Olr1 KO mice 170920 C57BL/6N
B-P2rx7 KO mice 170819 C57BL/6N
B-Pdcd1 KO mice 170820 C57BL/6N
B-Pdgfrb KO mice 170821 C57BL/6N
B-Plau KO mice 170823 C57BL/6N
B-Pld4 mice 170917 C57BL/6N
B-Postn KO mice 170865 C57BL/6N
B-Psca KO mice 170901 C57BL/6N
B-Psma KO mice 112672 C57BL/6N
B-Ptprs KO mice 170826 C57BL/6N
B-Pvr KO mice 170868 C57BL/6N
B-Pvrig KO mice 170946 C57BL/6N
B-Retn KO mice 112736 C57BL/6N
B-Rhob KO mice 170723 C57BL/6N
B-Robo1 KO mice 170828 C57BL/6J
B-Robo4 KO mice 170904 C57BL/6N
B-Rspo1 KO mice 170924 C57BL/6N
B-Rtn4r KO mice 170891 C57BL/6N
B-S100a9 KO mice 170829 C57BL/6N
B-Selplg KO mice 170837 C57BL/6N
B-Serpinb13 KO mice 170933 C57BL/6N
B-Serpine1 KO mice 170822 C57BL/6N
B-Siglec15 KO mice 112223 C57BL/6N
B-Siglecg KO mice 170934 C57BL/6N
B-Sirpa KO mice 170824 C57BL/6N
B-Slc16a1 KO mice 170838 C57BL/6N
B-Sost KO mice(C) 112299 BALB/c
B-Spp1 KO mice 170841 C57BL/6N
B-Sstr2 KO mice 170839 C57BL/6N
B-Steap1 KO mice 170898 C57BL/6N
B-Tff1 KO mice 170844 C57BL/6N
B-Tgfb2 KO mice 170845 C57BL/6N
B-Tgm2 KO mice 170846 C57BL/6N
B-Tigit KO mice 170945 C57BL/6
B-Tim3 KO mice 170923 C57BL/6N
B-Tl1 KO mice 170940 C57BL/6N
B-Tlr2 mice 170859 C57BL/6N
B-Tlr3 KO mice 112696 C57BL/6N
B-Tlr4 KO mice 112693 C57BL/6N
B-Tnfrsf17 KO mice 170847 C57BL/6N
B-Tnfrsf18 KO mice 112673 C57BL/6N
B-Tnfrsf4 KO mice 170852 C57BL/6N
B-Tnfsf10 KO mice 170851 C57BL/6N
B-Tnfsf11 KO mice 170850 C57BL/6
B-Tnfsf14 KO mice 170867 C57BL/6N
B-Tnfsf18 KO mice 170932 C57BL/6N
B-Trem2 KO mice 170912 C57BL/6N
B-Trem2 KO mice(C) 112697 BALB/C
B-Trop2 KO mice 170882 C57BL/6N
B-Vcp KO mice 170937 C57BL/6N
B-Vipr1 KO mice 170853 C57BL/6J
B-Vsir KO mice 170903 C57BL/6N

Other knockout mice


Product Product No. Background
B-2610301B20RikR179W KO mice 170444 C57BL/6N
B-Abhd17b KO mice 170613 C57BL/6N
B-Acadm KO mice 170165 C57BL/6N
B-Ackr2 KO mice 170422 C57BL/6N
B-Acp5 KO mice 170166 C57BL/6N
B-Acsl4 KO mice 170386 C57BL/6J
B-Acss1 KO mice 170466 C57BL/6N
B-Acss2 KO mice 170423 C57BL/6N
B-Actb KO mice 170167 C57BL/6N
B-Actg1 KO mice 170168 C57BL/6N
B-Adgrg3 KO mice 170406 C57BL/6
B-Adipor2 KO mice 111161 C57BL/6N
B-Adnp KO mice 170169 C57BL/6N
B-Adrb2 KO mice 170170 C57BL/6N
B-Aff4 KO mice 170525 C57BL/6N
B-Agbl5 KO mice 170621 C57BL/6N
B-Ahr KO mice 170171 C57BL/6J
B-AI593442 KO mice 170673 C57BL/6N
B-AI662270 KO mice 170698 C57BL/6J
B-Aim2 KO mice 170680 C57BL/6
B-AK050834 KO mice 170711 C57BL/6N
B-Aldh2 KO mice 170172 C57BL/6N
B-Aldh7a1 KO mice 170559 C57BL/6N
B-Alkbh5 KO mice 170656 C57BL/6N
B-Alpk1 KO mice 170478 C57BL/6N
B-Ankib1 KO mice 170476 C57BL/6N
B-Ano10 KO mice 170532 C57BL/6N
B-Apc KO mice 170173 C57BL/6J
B-Apela KO mice 170696 C57BL/6N
B-Arg2 KO mice 170175 C57BL/6N
B-Arhgap39 KO mice 170604 C57BL/6J
B-Arid1b KO mice 170639 C57BL/6N
B-Arid3a KO mice 170213 C57BL/6N
B-Arl13b KO mice 170461 C57BL/6
B-Armc5 KO mice 170630 C57BL/6N
B-Arr3 KO mice 170571 C57BL/6
B-Asah2 KO mice 170404 C57BL/6J
B-Ash1l KO mice 170573 C57BL/6N
B-Atat1 KO mice 170488 C57BL/6N
B-Atat1 KO mice(FVB) 170489 FVB
B-Atf4 KO mice 170177 C57BL/6N
B-Atf6b KO mice 170199 C57BL/6N
B-Atg16l1 KO mice 170508 C57BL/6J
B-Atg5 KO mice 170174 C57BL/6N
B-Atp6v0c KO mice 170179 C57BL/6N
B-Atp6v1a KO mice 170178 C57BL/6N
B-Avpr1a KO mice 170399 C57BL/6N
B-Azin1 KO mice 170403 C57BL/6N
B-B4galt7 KO mice 170600 C57BL/6N
B-Baiap2 KO mice 170552 C57BL/6N
B-Bap1 KO mice 170704 C57BL/6
B-Bcdin3d KO mice 170495 C57BL/6N
B-Bdp1 KO mice 170686 C57BL/6N
B-Becn1 KO mice 170410 C57BL/6N
B-Brd9 KO mice 170534 C57BL/6
B-Brn3b KO mice 170298 C57BL/6N
B-Cacna1c KO mice 170180 C57BL/6N
B-Calcb KO mice 170565 C57BL/6N
B-Camkk2 KO mice 170575 C57BL/6N
B-Camsap1 KO mice 170615 C57BL/6N
B-Camsap2 KO mice 170457 C57BL/6N
B-Camsap3 KO mice 170473 C57BL/6
B-Capn1 KO mice 170181 C57BL/6N
B-Car2 KO mice 170182 C57BL/6N
B-Cars KO mice 170377 C57BL/6J
B-Casp1 KO mice 170184 C57BL/6N
B-Casp4 KO mice 170185 C57BL/6N
B-Castor2 KO mice 170517 C57BL/6N
B-Cavin3 KO mice 170554 C57BL/6N
B-Ccer1 KO mice 170440 C57BL/6N
B-Cckar KO mice 170188 C57BL/6N
B-Ccl1 KO mice 112702 C57BL/6J
B-Ccr10 KO mice 170197 C57BL/6N
B-Cd2ap KO mice 170189 C57BL/6N
B-Cd79a KO mice 170190 C57BL/6N
B-Cdca2 KO mice 170553 C57BL/6J
B-Cdkl5 KO mice 170679 C57BL/6N
B-Cdkn2a KO mice 170191 C57BL/6N
B-Cebpb KO mice 170192 C57BL/6N
B-Celsr3 KO mice 170548 C57BL/6N
B-Cep89 KO mice 170482 C57BL/6N
B-Cers4 KO mice 170445 C57BL/6N
B-Cfl1 KO mice 170193 C57BL/6N
B-Chat KO mice 170194 C57BL/6N
B-Chd1l KO mice 170460 C57BL/6N
B-Chd3 KO mice 170597 C57BL/6N
B-Chd4 KO mice 170547 C57BL/6N
B-Chfr KO mice 170623 C57BL/6N
B-Chl1 KO mice 112688 C57BL/6
B-Cldn7 KO mice 170395 C57BL/6J
B-Clec1b KO mice 170414 C57BL/6N
B-Cln6 KO mice 170504 C57BL/6N
B-Cltc KO mice 170446 C57BL/6N
B-Cntn6 KO mice 170396 C57BL/6
B-Cox20 KO mice 170435 C57BL/6N
B-Cpt1a KO mice 170198 C57BL/6N
B-Crbn KO mice 170419 C57BL/6N
B-Crispld1 KO mice 170521 C57BL/6
B-Crispld2 KO mice 170513 C57BL/6N
B-Csf2rb KO mice 170200 C57BL/6N
B-Cstf2 KO mice 170551 C57BL/6N
B-Ctbp1 KO mice 170201 C57BL/6N
B-Ctsk KO mice 170202 C57BL/6N
B-Ctsl KO mice 170203 C57BL/6N
B-Cul5 KO mice 170497 C57BL/6N
B-Cyfip2 KO mice 170507 C57BL/6N
B-Cyp24a1 KO mice 170204 C57BL/6N
B-Cyp7a1 KO mice 170206 C57BL/6N
B-Dag1 KO mice 170207 C57BL/6N
B-Daxx KO mice 170208 C57BL/6N
B-Dcbld1 KO mice 170439 C57BL/6N
B-Dek KO mice 170556 C57BL/6J
B-Dhx9 KO mice 170209 C57BL/6N
B-Disc1 KO mice 170653 C57BL/6N
B-Dmrta1 KO mice 170644 C57BL/6N
B-Dnajb6 KO mice 170365 C57BL/6N
B-Dnase1l3 KO mice 170211 C57BL/6N
B-Dppa3 KO mice 170491 C57BL/6N
B-Dpyd KO mice 170529 C57BL/6
B-Dubr KO mice 170462 C57BL/6N
B-Duox2 KO mice 170592 C57BL/6N
B-E2f1 KO mice 170214 C57BL/6N
B-Ecsit KO mice 112691 C57BL/6
B-Eed KO mice 170215 C57BL/6N
B-Eepd1 KO mice 170451 C57BL/6N
B-Eif2ak1 KO mice 170256 C57BL/6
B-Elane KO mice 170383 C57BL/6N
B-Elavl2 KO mice 170260 C57BL/6N
B-Ell2 KO mice 170574 C57BL/6
B-Elovl5 KO mice 170467 C57BL/6N
B-Elovl6 KO mice 170570 C57BL/6N
B-Elovl7 KO mice 170494 C57BL/6N
B-Esrrg KO mice 170367 C57BL/6N
B-Etv4 KO mice 170292 C57BL/6J
B-Eya1 KO mice 170216 C57BL/6J
B-Eya2 KO mice 170217 C57BL/6N
B-Fam13c KO mice 170480 C57BL/6N
B-Fam46a KO mice 170587 C57BL/6
B-Fat2 KO mice 170654 C57BL/6J
B-Fbxl3 KO mice 170385 C57BL/6N
B-Fbxl5 KO mice 170645 C57BL/6N
B-Fbxo25 KO mice 170441 C57BL/6N
B-Fbxo28 KO mice 170458 C57BL/6N
B-Fbxo32 KO mice 170453 C57BL/6N
B-Fbxo45 KO mice 170660 C57BL/6N
B-Fbxw2 KO mice 170381 C57BL/6
B-Fcgr3 KO mice 170220 C57BL/6N
B-Fez1 KO mice 170633 C57BL/6N
B-Fgd5 KO mice 170627 C57BL/6N
B-Fibin KO mice 170452 C57BL/6N
B-Ficd KO mice 170624 C57BL/6N
B-Fitm1 KO mice 170464 C57BL/6N
B-Fitm2 KO mice 170617 C57BL/6N
B-Flot2 KO mice 170222 C57BL/6N
B-Foxa3 KO mice 170255 C57BL/6N
B-Foxf1 KO mice 170249 C57BL/6N
B-Foxg1 KO mice 170250 C57BL/6J
B-Foxm1 KO mice 170221 C57BL/6N
B-Foxp3 KO mice 170320 C57BL/6N
B-Fpr1 KO mice 170223 C57BL/6N
B-Frzb KO mice 170321 C57BL/6J
B-Fscn1 KO mice 170219 C57BL/6N
B-Ftcd KO mice 170224 C57BL/6N
B-Fus KO mice 170629 C57BL/6
B-G181 KO mice 170710 C57BL/6N
B-G6pc KO mice 170225 C57BL/6
B-Gabbr2 KO mice 170643 C57BL/6J
B-Gamt KO mice 170227 C57BL/6N
B-Gas2 KO mice 170228 C57BL/6
B-Gata2 KO mice 170229 C57BL/6N
B-Gc KO mice 170230 C57BL/6N
B-Gch1 KO mice 170231 C57BL/6N
B-Gigyf1 KO mice 170415 C57BL/6N
B-Gjd2 KO mice 170233 C57BL/6
B-Glrx KO mice 170524 C57BL/6N
B-Gltp KO mice 170411 C57BL/6N
B-Gm15222 KO mice 170702 C57BL/6N
B-Gm15915 KO mice 170701 C57BL/6N
B-Gpatch1 KO mice 170450 C57BL/6J
B-Gpbar1 KO mice 170614 C57BL/6N
B-Gpd1 KO mice 170232 C57BL/6N
B-Gpr174 KO mice 170588 C57BL/6J
B-Gpr183 KO mice 170671 C57BL/6
B-Gpr35 KO mice 170426 C57BL/6N
B-Gpr4 KO mice 170664 C57BL/6N
B-Gpr88 KO mice 170428 C57BL/6N
B-Gprc6a KO mice 170578 C57BL/6N
B-Grin2a KO mice 170237 C57BL/6N
B-Grin2b KO mice 170239 C57BL/6N
B-Gsdma KO mice 170418 C57BL/6N
B-Gsdmc KO mice 170519 C57BL/6N
B-Gsdme KO mice 170407 C57BL/6N
B-Gtf2i KO mice 170240 C57BL/6
B-Gusb KO mice 170555 C57BL/6N
B-Gys1 KO mice 170242 C57BL/6N
B-Gzma KO mice 170243 C57BL/6N
B-H19 KO mice 170246 C57BL/6N
B-Hcn2 KO mice 170248 C57BL/6
B-Hddc3 KO mice 170465 C57BL/6N
B-Hectd3 KO mice 170505 C57BL/6N
B-Hilpda KO mice(C) 170471 BALB/c
B-Hk3 KO mice 170585 C57BL/6N
B-Hmgcs2 KO mice(D2) 170252 DBA/2J
B-Hmox1 KO mice 170254 C57BL/6N
B-Hnrnpa2b1 KO mice 170393 C57BL/6N
B-Hnrnpf KO mice 170527 C57BL/6N
B-Hoga1 KO mice 170448 C57BL/6N
B-Homer2 KO mice 170372 C57BL/6N
B-Hs3st1 KO mice 170257 C57BL/6N
B-Hs3st4 KO mice 170688 C57BL/6J
B-Hs3st5 KO mice 170665 C57BL/6N
B-Hsd17b6 KO mice 170379 C57BL/6
B-Hspb1 KO mice 170258 C57BL/6N
B-Id2 KO mice 170261 C57BL/6N
B-Ifi27 KO mice 170391 C57BL/6N
B-Ifi30 KO mice 170430 C57BL/6J
B-Ifitm3 KO mice 170432 C57BL/6N
B-Igf2bp1 KO mice 170568 C57BL/6J
B-Igf2bp2 KO mice 170667 C57BL/6J
B-Igfbp4 KO mice 170262 C57BL/6N
B-Igha KO mice 170638 C57BL/6N
B-Ikbip KO mice 170449 C57BL/6
B-Il36a KO mice 170405 C57BL/6N
B-Iqsec3 KO mice 170648 C57BL/6N
B-Irf2bp2 KO mice 170662 C57BL/6N
B-Irf7 KO mice 170398 C57BL/6N
B-Itk KO mice 170263 C57BL/6N
B-Jak2 KO mice 170264 C57BL/6N
B-Jmjd6 KO mice 170545 C57BL/6N
B-Kcnk6 KO mice 170390 C57BL/6N
B-Kctd17 KO mice 170487 C57BL/6N
B-Kdm3a KO mice 170533 C57BL/6N
B-Khsrp KO mice 170265 C57BL/6N
B-Klf4 KO mice 170266 C57BL/6N
B-Klf9 KO mice 170267 C57BL/6
B-Kmt5c KO mice 170628 C57BL/6
B-Krt4 KO mice 170268 C57BL/6N
B-Laptm4b KO mice 170563 C57BL/6J
B-Lect2 KO mice 170269 C57BL/6N
B-Lhcgr KO mice 170270 C57BL/6N
B-Lhfpl5 KO mice 170672 C57BL/6N
B-Lhpp KO mice 170503 C57BL/6
B-Lpcat1 KO mice 170582 C57BL/6N
B-Lrp2 KO mice 170234 C57BL/6N
B-Lrrc8a KO mice 170640 C57BL/6N
B-Lrrtm2 KO mice 170542 C57BL/6N
B-Lrrtm4 KO mice 170646 C57BL/6N
B-Ltk KO mice 170272 C57BL/6
B-Ltn1 KO mice 170515 C57BL/6N
B-Ly6a KO mice 170558 C57BL/6J
B-Ly6g6c KO mice 170463 C57BL/6J
B-Maf KO mice 170274 C57BL/6N
B-Map3k3 KO mice 170369 C57BL/6N
B-Map4k1 KO mice 170370 C57BL/6N
B-Map4k3 KO mice 170610 C57BL/6N
B-Map4k4 KO mice 170373 C57BL/6N
B-Map4k5 KO mice 170683 C57BL/6N
B-Mas1 KO mice 170275 C57BL/6N
B-Mb21d1 KO mice 170595 C57BL/6N
B-Mcu KO mice 170596 C57BL/6N
B-Mdga2 KO mice 170670 C57BL/6
B-Me2 KO mice 170541 C57BL/6N
B-Mettl14 KO mice 170581 C57BL/6N
B-Mettl4 KO mice 170506 C57BL/6N
B-Mgea5 KO mice 170500 C57BL/6N
B-Mir142 KO mice 170681 C57BL/6N
B-Mir204 KO mice 170682 C57BL/6N
B-Mir296 KO mice 170690 C57BL/6N
B-Mir335 KO mice 170692 C57BL/6N
B-Mir342 KO mice 170691 C57BL/6N
B-Mir455 KO mice 170694 C57BL/6N
B-Mir670 KO mice 170693 C57BL/6N
B-Mir770 KO mice 170695 C57BL/6N
B-Mlk3 KO mice 170368 C57BL/6N
B-Mmachc KO mice 170442 C57BL/6N
B-Mmrn2 KO mice 170535 C57BL/6N
B-Morrbid KO mice 170697 C57BL/6N
B-Mpig6b KO mice 170539 C57BL/6J
B-Mr1 KO mice 170247 C57BL/6N
B-MRGPRE KO mice 170649 C57BL/6J
B-Mrgprf KO mice 170583 C57BL/6J
B-Mrgprg KO mice 170678 C57BL/6J
B-Mrs2 KO mice 170675 C57BL/6N
B-Msl2 KO mice 170509 C57BL/6N
B-Mthfd2 KO mice 170278 C57BL/6
B-Mthfr KO mice 170279 C57BL/6N
B-Myh7 KO mice 170569 C57BL/6N
B-Myh9 KO mice 170280 C57BL/6N
B-Naa20 KO mice 170456 C57BL/6N
B-Nalcn KO mice 170674 C57BL/6J
B-Nat10 KO mice 170528 C57BL/6N
B-Ndst1 KO mice 170259 C57BL/6N
B-Ndst2 KO mice 170276 C57BL/6N
B-Nfatc2 KO mice 170281 C57BL/6N
B-Nlrc3 KO mice 170659 C57BL/6N
B-Nlrc5 KO mice 170684 C57BL/6J
B-Nme1/Nme2 KO mice 170708 C57BL/6N
B-Nmnat1 KO mice 170437 C57BL/6N
B-Nosip KO mice 170436 C57BL/6N
B-Nptx1 KO mice 170283 C57BL/6N
B-Nptx2 KO mice 170392 C57BL/6N
B-Nptxr KO mice 170490 C57BL/6N
B-Npy1r KO mice 170284 C57BL/6N
B-Npy2r KO mice 170285 C57BL/6J
B-Nr0b2 KO mice 170366 C57BL/6N
B-Nr1d1 KO mice 170599 C57BL/6J
B-Nr1i3 KO mice 170183 C57BL/6N
B-Nrgn KO mice 170425 C57BL/6N
B-Nsun2 KO mice 170380 C57BL/6N
B-Nxpe2 KO mice 170512 C57BL/6N
B-Olig2 KO mice 170388 C57BL/6J
B-Optn KO mice 170479 C57BL/6N
B-Osm KO mice 170709 C57BL/6N
B-Osr2 KO mice 170543 C57BL/6J
B-Oxt KO mice 170287 C57BL/6N
B-P4ha1 KO mice 170288 C57BL/6N
B-Paxip1 KO mice 170408 C57BL/6J
B-Pcdha1 KO mice 170564 C57BL/6
B-Pcif1 KO mice 170618 C57BL/6N
B-Pcna KO mice 170290 C57BL/6N
B-Pdap1 KO mice 170626 C57BL/6J
B-Pde2a KO mice 170576 C57BL/6N
B-Pde4b KO mice 170291 C57BL/6J
B-Pde5a KO mice 170642 C57BL/6N
B-Pdk1 KO mice 170616 C57BL/6N
B-Peg3 KO mice 170293 C57BL/6N
B-Pfn1 KO mice 170294 C57BL/6N
B-Phb KO mice 170295 C57BL/6
B-Phf23 KO mice 170511 C57BL/6J
B-Pik3cd KO mice 170296 C57BL/6N
B-Pik3cgcm KO mice 170382 C57BL/6N
B-Pim1 KO mice 170297 C57BL/6N
B-Plekhf1 KO mice 170484 C57BL/6N
B-Plekhg2 KO mice 170530 C57BL/6N
B-Plod2 KO mice 170371 C57BL/6N
B-Pparg KO mice 170299 C57BL/6J
B-Ppm1d KO mice 170397 C57BL/6J
B-Prag1 KO mice 170651 C57BL/6N
B-Prdx1 KO mice 170289 C57BL/6J
B-Prkaa1 KO mice 170537 C57BL/6N
B-Prkar2b KO mice 170301 C57BL/6N
B-Ptbp1 KO mice 170302 C57BL/6N
B-Ptges KO mice 170427 C57BL/6N
B-Ptk2 KO mice 170218 C57BL/6N
B-Ptprd KO mice 112689 C57BL/6
B-Pwwp2b KO mice 170531 C57BL/6N
B-Pxdn KO mice 170472 C57BL/6J
B-Pycrl KO mice 170433 C57BL/6N
B-Pygl KO mice 170557 C57BL/6N
B-Qprt KO mice 170447 C57BL/6N
B-Rab27a KO mice 170176 C57BL/6N
B-Rab27b KO mice 170516 C57BL/6N
B-Rab39b KO mice 170454 C57BL/6N
B-Rbbp5 KO mice 170589 C57BL/6N
B-Rbp3 KO mice(129S2) 170306 129S2/SvPasCr
B-Ripk1 KO mice 170308 C57BL/6
B-Ripk3 KO mice 170412 C57BL/6N
B-Rnf10 KO mice 170387 C57BL/6N
B-Rnf214 KO mice 170634 C57BL/6N
B-Rora KO mice 170309 C57BL/6J
B-Rpl22 KO mice 170311 C57BL/6N
B-Rtf1 KO mice 170502 C57BL/6N
B-Rtkn2 KO mice 170572 C57BL/6N
B-Runx1 KO mice 170186 C57BL/6N
B-Runx3 KO mice 170187 C57BL/6N
B-S1pr2 KO mice 170235 C57BL/6N
B-Sacm1l KO mice 170520 C57BL/6N
B-Sarm1 KO mice 170637 C57BL/6N
B-Sars KO mice 170312 C57BL/6
B-Satb1 KO mice 170314 C57BL/6N
B-Scd1m KO mice 170315 C57BL/6N
B-Scg2 KO mice 170316 C57BL/6N
B-Scn2a KO mice 170560 C57BL/6N
B-Scnn1a KO mice 170317 C57BL/6
B-Scrt2 KO mice 170687 C57BL/6N
B-Sdhaf4 KO mice 170459 C57BL/6
B-Sema4c KO mice 170319 C57BL/6N
B-Serinc3 KO mice 170375 C57BL/6
B-Serinc5 KO mice 170601 C57BL/6
B-Serpinb1a KO mice 170434 C57BL/6
B-Sesn2 KO mice 170620 C57BL/6J
B-Setd6 KO mice 170431 C57BL/6N
B-Setdb1 KO mice 170523 C57BL/6N
B-Shank2 KO mice 170580 C57BL/6N
B-Shmt2 KO mice 170549 C57BL/6N
B-Siglece KO mice 170518 C57BL/6N
B-Sigmar1 KO mice 170286 C57BL/6N
B-Sik1 KO mice 170277 C57BL/6N
B-Sik2 KO mice 170636 C57BL/6N
B-Sik3 KO mice 170475 C57BL/6N
B-Sirt1 KO mice 170526 C57BL/6N
B-Sirt3 KO mice 170429 C57BL/6
B-Sirt6 KO mice 170384 C57BL/6N
B-Six2 KO mice 170322 C57BL/6N
B-Slc10a4 KO mice 170622 C57BL/6N
B-Slc15a2 KOmice 170416 C57BL/6N
B-Slc20a2 KO mice 170323 C57BL/6N
B-Slc23a2 KO mice 170401 C57BL/6N
B-Slc2a3 KO mice 112094 C57BL/6N
B-Slc2a9 KO mice 170567 C57BL/6N
B-Slc30a1 KO mice 170364 C57BL/6
B-Slc35d3 KO mice 170501 C57BL/6N
B-Slc37a4 KO mice 170226 C57BL/6N
B-Slc6a17 KO mice 170619 C57BL/6N
B-Slc7a4 KO mice 170605 C57BL/6N
B-Slitrk5 KO mice 170496 C57BL/6N
B-Smad3 KO mice 170273 C57BL/6N
B-Smarcc1 KO mice 170324 C57BL/6N
B-Smo KO mice 170666 C57BL/6N
B-Smpd3 KO mice 170420 C57BL/6N
B-Snhg5 KO mice 170486 C57BL/6N
B-Socs1 KO mice 170196 C57BL/6N
B-Son KO mice 170325 C57BL/6N
B-Sox10 KO mice 170326 C57BL/6J
B-Sox3 KO mice 170328 C57BL/6N
B-Sphk2 KO mice 170413 C57BL/6N
B-Sptlc1 KO mice 170657 C57BL/6N
B-Sptlc2 KO mice 170329 C57BL/6N
B-Sqle KO mice 170330 C57BL/6N
B-Src KO mice 170331 C57BL/6N
B-Srebf2 KO mice 170332 C57BL/6N
B-Srr KO mice 170378 C57BL/6N
B-Ss18l1 KO mice 170661 C57BL/6
B-Stac2 KO mice 170598 C57BL/6N
B-Stap2 KO mice 170540 C57BL/6N
B-Stat1 KO mice 170333 C57BL/6J
B-Sting KO mice 170485 C57BL/6N
B-Stk24 KO mice 170603 C57BL/6N
B-Stk25 KO mice 170421 C57BL/6N
B-Stk38 KO mice 170538 C57BL/6N
B-Sucnr1 KO mice 170522 C57BL/6N
B-Sugp2 KO mice 170632 C57BL/6N
B-Sult2b1 KO mice 170400 C57BL/6N
B-Sumo1 KO mice 170355 C57BL/6N
B-Surf4 KO mice 170334 C57BL/6N
B-Suv39h1 KO mice 170336 C57BL/6N
B-Syce1 KO mice 170492 C57BL/6N
B-Taar1 KO mice 170562 C57BL/6N
B-Taok2 KO mice 170677 C57BL/6N
B-Tbc1d24 KO mice 170606 C57BL/6J
B-Tbc1d5 KO mice 170483 C57BL/6N
B-Tbx2 KO mice 170337 C57BL/6N
B-Tcf21 KO mice 170338 C57BL/6N
B-Tcf7 KO mice 170339 C57BL/6J
B-Tert KO mice 170342 C57BL/6N
B-Tfe3 KO mice 170577 C57BL/6N
B-Tfeb KO mice 170340 C57BL/6N
B-Tff3 KO mice 170343 C57BL/6N
B-Thra KO mice 170344 C57BL/6N
B-Tkfc KO mice 170612 C57BL/6N
B-Tmc1 KO mice 170210 C57BL/6N
B-Tmem119 KO mice 170625 C57BL/6N
B-Tmem141 KO mice 170389 C57BL/6N
B-Tmem182 KO mice 170676 C57BL/6N
B-Tmem215 KO mice 170668 C57BL/6N
B-Tmigd1 KO mice 170438 C57BL/6J
B-Tnfaip3 KO mice 170346 C57BL/6J
B-Tns1 KO mice 170347 C57BL/6N
B-Tox3 KO mice 170652 C57BL/6N
B-Trerf1 KO mice 170609 C57BL/6N
B-Trhr KO mice 170348 C57BL/6N
B-Trim27 KOmice 170307 C57BL/6N
B-Trim28 KO mice 170345 C57BL/6N
B-Trip12 KO mice 170241 C57BL/6N
B-Trp53 KO mice 170352 C57BL/6N
B-Trp63 KO mice 170353 C57BL/6N
B-Trpv2 KO mice 170360 C57BL/6N
B-Twist1 KO mice 170354 C57BL/6N
B-Ubap1 KO mice 170443 C57BL/6N
B-Ube2cbp KO mice 170474 C57BL/6J
B-Ube2s KO mice 170510 C57BL/6N
B-Ube3b KO mice 170566 C57BL/6
B-Ube4b KO mice 170424 C57BL/6
B-Ubr2 KO mice 170607 C57BL/6J
B-Ubxn4 KO mice 170455 C57BL/6N
B-Uchl5 KO mice 170409 C57BL/6N
B-Uhrf1 KO mice 170282 C57BL/6N
B-Uox KO mice 170356 C57BL/6N
B-Ush1c KO mice(CBA) 170481 CBA
B-Vdr KO mice 170358 C57BL/6
B-Vkorc1l1 KO mice 170470 C57BL/6N
B-Vmn1r69 KO mice 170655 C57BL/6N
B-Vsnl1 KO mice 170376 C57BL/6N
B-Wdfy1 KO mice 170469 C57BL/6N
B-Wdr33 KO mice 170493 C57BL/6N
B-Whsc1 KO mice 170546 C57BL/6N
B-Wwc1 KO mice 170584 C57BL/6N
B-Ybx1 KO mice 170362 C57BL/6N
B-Yjefn3 KO mice 170631 C57BL/6N
B-Ythdf2 KO mice 170590 C57BL/6N
B-Ywhaz KO mice 170363 C57BL/6
B-Zbed6 KO mice 170689 C57BL/6J
B-Zbtb11 KO mice 170663 C57BL/6N
B-Zbtb16 KO mice 170635 C57BL/6
B-Zdhhc20 KO mice 170498 C57BL/6N
B-Zfp318 KO mice 170417 C57BL/6N
B-Zfp598 KO mice 170591 C57BL/6
B-Zfp683 KO mice 170699 C57BL/6N
B-Zfp697 KO mice 170641 C57BL/6N
B-Znhit3 KO mice 170685 C57BL/6N
B-Zswim4 KO mice 170586 C57BL/6N
B-Zswim8 KO mice 170658 C57BL/6