Drug Target Knockout Mouse Models

Drug Target Knockout Mice

Since our inception in 2009, our company’s strong focus on genetic engineering has led to the creation of multiple strains of mice for preclinical efficacy testing as well as antibody drug discovery. More recently, our team has been working to create knockout mice for key drug target genes to facilitate mechanistic studies and target discovery. For this purpose, we are pleased to introduce more than 750 new strains of knockout mice, now available to the global biomedical research community.

Product Product No Background
B-A2aR KO mice(C) 112300 BALB/c
B-Adam15 KO mice 170716 C57BL/6N
B-Adipoq KO mice 170715 C57BL/6N
B-Adm KO mice 170717 C57BL/6N
B-Amhr2 KO mice 170921 C57BL/6N
B-Amigo2 KO mice 170918 C57BL/6N
B-Angpt1 KO mice 170719 C57BL/6N
B-Angptl3 KO mice 170864 C57BL/6N
B-Angptl8 KO mice 170944 C57BL/6N
B-Aoc3 KO mice 170720 C57BL/6N
B-Aplnr KO mice 170854 C57BL/6N
B-Apoa1 KO mice 113218 C57BL/6N
B-App KO mice 170721 C57BL/6
B-Areg KO mice 170722 C57BL/6N
B-Artn KO mice 170724 C57BL/6N
B-Asic1 KO mice 170713 C57BL/6N
B-Axl KO mice 170860 C57BL/6N
B-B2m KO mice 170947 C57BL/6N
B-B7-h4 KO mice(C) 112302 BALB/c
B-Brca KO mice 170727 C57BL/6N
B-Brca1 KO mice 170726 C57BL/6N
B-Bst2 KO mice 170897 C57BL/6N
B-Btla KO mice 112315 C57BL/6
B-C5a KO mice 170786 C57BL/6N
B-C5ar1 KO mice 170728 C57BL/6N
B-C5ar1 KO mice(C) 112293 BALB/c
B-C5ar2 KO mice 170938 C57BL/6N
B-CB1 KO mice 170756 C57BL/6N
B-Calca KO mice 170731 C57BL/6N
B-Car9 KO mice 170928 C57BL/6N
B-Ccl2 KO mice 170831 C57BL/6N
B-Ccl20 KO mice 170832 C57BL/6N
B-Ccl3 KO mice 170833 C57BL/6N
B-Ccl4 KO mice 170834 C57BL/6J
B-Ccl5 KO mice 170835 C57BL/6N
B-Ccn1 KO mice 170793 C57BL/6N
B-Ccn2 KO mice 170775 C57BL/6N
B-Ccr1 KO mice 170749 C57BL/6N
B-Ccr2 KO mice 111631 C57BL/6N
B-Ccr2 KO mice(C) 112289 BALB/c
B-Ccr3 KO mice 112526 C57BL/6N
B-Ccr4 KO mice(C) 112294 BALB/c
B-Ccr5 KO mice 170753 C57BL/6
B-Ccr5 KO mice(C) 112295 BALB/c
B-Ccr6 KO mice 170732 C57BL/6N
B-Ccr7 KO mice 170754 C57BL/6N
B-Ccr8 KO mice 170755 C57BL/6N
B-Ccr9 KO mice 170750 C57BL/6N
B-Cd138 KO mice 170843 C57BL/6N
B-Cd160 KO mice 170873 C57BL/6J
B-Cd16a KO mice 170935 C57BL/6N
B-Cd180 KO mice 170809 C57BL/6N
B-Cd2 KO mice 170733 C57BL/6N
B-Cd200r1 KO mice 170883 C57BL/6N
B-Cd22 KO mice(C) 113216 BALB/cCrSlcNifdc
B-Cd23 KO mice 170771 C57BL/6N
B-Cd24 KO mice 170734 C57BL/6N
B-Cd248 KO mice 170899 C57BL/6N
B-Cd274 KO mice 110182 C57BL/6
B-Cd276 KO mice(C) 170916 BALB/c
B-Cd28 KO mice 170735 C57BL/6
B-Cd300lf KO mice 113208 C57BL/6N
B-Cd34 KO mice 170736 C57BL/6N
B-Cd38 KO mice 170738 C57BL/6N
B-Cd40 KO mice 170849 C57BL/6
B-Cd43 KO mice 170840 C57BL/6N
B-Cd44 KO mice(C) 112306 BALB/c
B-Cd47 KO mice 170800 C57BL/6
B-Cd47 KO mice(C) 170799 BALB/c
B-Cd5 KO mice 170740 C57BL/6N
B-Cd52 KO mice 170855 C57BL/6N
B-Cd6 KO mice 170741 C57BL/6N
B-Cd63 KO mice 170742 C57BL/6N
B-Cd69 KO mice 170743 C57BL/6N
B-Cd7 KO mice 113213 C57BL/6JNifdc
B-Cd79b KO mice 170792 C57BL/6N
B-Cd81 KO mice 170744 C57BL/6N
B-Cd93 KO mice 170807 C57BL/6N
B-Cd96 KO mice 170914 C57BL/6
B-Cdh3 KO mice 170745 C57BL/6N
B-Cfd KO mice 170718 C57BL/6N
B-Cfh KO mice 170746 C57BL/6N
B-Chil1 KO mice 170747 C57BL/6N
B-Cldn6 KO mice 170874 C57BL/6N
B-Clec14a KO mice 170894 C57BL/6N
B-Clec9a ko mice 112695 C57BL/6N
B-Cmtm6 KO mice 170895 C57BL/6J
B-Cnr2 KO mice 170758 C57BL/6N
B-Coro1a KO mice 113253 C57BL/6N
B-Crtam KO mice 170876 C57BL/6N
B-Crth2 KO mice 170784 C57BL/6N
B-Csf2 KO mice 170759 C57BL/6N
B-Csf2 KO mice(C) 112280 BALB/c
B-Csf2ra KO mice(C) 112281 BALB/c
B-Csf3 KO mice 170760 C57BL/6N
B-Cspg5 KO mice 170863 C57BL/6N
B-Cx3cl1 KO mice 170836 C57BL/6N
B-Cx3cr1 KO mice(C) 112292 BALB/c
B-Cxcl1 KO mice 170785 C57BL/6N
B-Cxcl13 KO mice 170877 C57BL/6N
B-Cxcl16 KO mice 170893 C57BL/6N
B-Cxcl4 KO mice 170881 C57BL/6N
B-Cxcl9 KO mice 170815 C57BL/6
B-Cxcr3 KO mice 170748 C57BL/6N
B-Cxcr5 KO mice 170725 C57BL/6N
B-Cxcr6 KO mice 170908 C57BL/6N
B-CypA KO mice 170936 C57BL/6J
B-Ddr1 KO mice 170730 C57BL/6N
B-Dlk1 KO mice 170761 C57BL/6N
B-Dpp4 KO mice 170762 C57BL/6N
B-Egf KO mice 112847 C57BL/6N
B-Entpd1 KO mice 170739 C57BL/6N
B-Epcam KO mice 170808 C57BL/6N
B-Ephb4 KO mice 170764 C57BL/6N
B-Epor KO mice 170765 C57BL/6N
B-Esr1 KO mice 170766 C57BL/6N
B-F12 KO mice 113127 C57BL/6N
B-Fap KO mice 170767 C57BL/6N
B-FcRn KO mice 110165 C57BL/6N
B-Fcer1a KO mice 170770 C57BL/6N
B-Fcgr2b KO mice 170772 C57BL/6N
B-Fgf21 KO mice 170879 C57BL/6N
B-Fgf23 KO mice 112701 C57BL/6N
B-Fgfr3 KO mice 170773 C57BL/6N
B-Fgfrl1 KO mice 112698 C57BL/6N
B-Fgl2 KO mice 170774 C57BL/6N
B-Fn14 KO mice 170862 C57BL/6N
B-Folr4 KO mice 170890 C57BL/6N
B-Gcgr KO mice 170776 C57BL/6N
B-Gcgr KO mice(C) 112290 BALB/c
B-Gdf15 KO mice 170856 C57BL/6N
B-Ghr KO mice 170777 C57BL/6
B-Ghrl KO mice 170885 C57BL/6N
B-Gjb2 KO mice 170778 C57BL/6N
B-Gjb2 KO mice(FVB) 170781 FVB
B-Glp1r KO mice(C) 112291 BALB/c
B-Gpc1 KO mice 170782 C57BL/6N
B-Gpr55 KO mice 170927 C57BL/6N
B-Gpr65 KO mice(C) 113215 BALB/cCrSlcNifdc
B-Gpr75 KO mice 112733 C57BL/6J
B-Gpr84 KO mice 170909 C57BL/6N
B-Gprc5d KO mice 170915 C57BL/6N
B-Grm7 KO mice 170919 C57BL/6
B-Gsdmd KO mice 170896 C57BL/6N
B-Hamp KO mice 170913 C57BL/6N
B-Hbegf KO mice 170787 C57BL/6N
B-Hgfac KO mice 170875 C57BL/6N
B-Hk2 KO mice 170788 C57BL/6N
B-Hmgb1 KO mice 170789 C57BL/6
B-Ibsp KO mice 170790 C57BL/6N
B-Icos KO mice 170872 C57BL/6N
B-Icosl KO mice 110734 C57BL/6N
B-Ifnb1 KO mice 170791 C57BL/6N
B-IgE KO mice 170942 C57BL/6N
B-Il10 KO mice 170794 C57BL/6
B-Il10 KO mice(C) 112269 BALB/c
B-Il11 KO mice(C) 112261 BALB/c
B-Il13 KO mice(C) 112262 BALB/c
B-Il17a KO mice(C) 112267 BALB/c
B-Il17b KO mice(C) 112301 BALB/c
B-Il17c KO mice 170931 C57BL/6N
B-Il17d KO mice(C) 112298 BALB/c
B-Il17f KO mice(C) 112296 BALB/c
B-Il17ra KO mice(C) 112285 BALB/c
B-Il17rc KO mice(C) 112297 BALB/c
B-Il18 KO mice 170795 C57BL/6N
B-Il18bp KO mice 112734 C57BL/6N
B-Il19 KO mice 170941 C57BL/6N
B-Il1a KO mice(C) 112284 BALB/c
B-Il1b KO mice(C) 112266 BALB/c
B-Il1r1 KO mice 113209 C57BL/6N
B-Il1rl1 KO mice 170810 C57BL/6N
B-Il20 KO mice 170884 C57BL/6N
B-Il20ra KO mice 113222 C57BL/6N
B-Il21 KO mice(C) 112263 BALB/c
B-Il21r KOmice 170888 C57BL/6N
B-Il23a KO mice(C) 112283 BALB/c
B-Il23r KO mice(C) 112273 BALB/c
B-Il27 KO mice(C) 112275 BALB/c
B-Il2rg KO mice 170796 C57BL/6N
B-Il3 KO mice(C) 112271 BALB/c
B-Il31 KO mice(C) 112286 BALB/c
B-Il31ra KO mice(C) 112287 BALB/c
B-Il33 KO mice 170907 C57BL/6
B-Il33 KO mice(C) 112270 BALB/c
B-Il34 KO mice 170906 C57BL/6
B-Il3ra KO mice(C) 112282 BALB/c
B-Il4 KO mice(C) 112265 BALB/c
B-Il4/Il5ra KO mice(C) 112390 BALB/c
B-Il4ra KO mice(C) 112264 BALB/c
B-Il5 KO mice(C) 112274 BALB/c
B-Il5/Il4ra KO mice(C) 112391 BALB/cCrSlcNifdc
B-Il5ra KO mice 112527 C57BL/6N
B-Il5ra KO mice(C) 112277 BALB/c
B-Il6 KO mice(C) 112272 BALB/c
B-Il6ra KO mice(C) 112268 BALB/c
B-Itga11 KO mice 170939 C57BL/6
B-Itgam KO mice 170797 C57BL/6
B-Itgb3 KO mice 170798 C57BL/6
B-Klk1 KO mice 112694 C57BL/6N
B-Kras KO mice 170802 C57BL/6N
B-Lag3 KO mice 170804 C57BL/6
B-Lair1 KO mice 170869 C57BL/6N
B-Lrp10 KO mice 170892 C57BL/6N
B-Lrrc15 KO mice 170905 C57BL/6N
B-Lrrc32 KO mice 170943 C57BL/6J
B-Lypd3 KO mice 170902 C57BL/6N
B-Madcam1 KO mice 112700 C57BL/6N
B-Maea KO mice 170886 C57BL/6N
B-Mag KO mice 170812 C57BL/6N
B-Mapt KO mice 170816 C57BL/6N
B-Marco KO mice 170813 C57BL/6N
B-Mif KO mice 170814 C57BL/6N
B-Msln KO mice 170878 C57BL/6N
B-Muc1 KO mice 170817 C57BL/6N
B-Muc3 KO mice 112699 C57BL/6N
B-NKp46 KO mice 170811 C57BL/6J
B-Nampt KO mice 170887 C57BL/6N
B-Ncr1 KO mice(CB-17 SCID) 112735 CB-17 SCID
B-Nectin4 KO mice 170900 C57BL/6N
B-Ngf KO mice 170818 C57BL/6N
B-Nkg2a KO mice 170801 C57BL/6N
B-Nkg2d KO mice 170861 C57BL/6N
B-Nrros KO mice 170926 C57BL/6
B-Nt5e KO mice 112316 C57BL/6J
B-Nt5e KO mice(C) 112278 BALB/c
B-Olr1 KO mice 170920 C57BL/6N
B-P2rx7 KO mice 170819 C57BL/6N
B-Pdcd1 KO mice 110178 C57BL/6
B-Pdgfd KO mice 113128 C57BL/6N
B-Pdgfrb KO mice 170821 C57BL/6N
B-Plau KO mice 170823 C57BL/6N
B-Pld4 mice 170917 C57BL/6N
B-Postn KO mice 170865 C57BL/6N
B-Psca KO mice 170901 C57BL/6N
B-Psma KO mice 112672 C57BL/6N
B-Ptprs KO mice 170826 C57BL/6N
B-Pvr KO mice 170868 C57BL/6N
B-Pvrig KO mice 170946 C57BL/6N
B-Pvrig KO mice(C) 113217 BALB/cCrSlcNifdc
B-Retn KO mice 112736 C57BL/6N
B-Rhob KO mice 170723 C57BL/6N
B-Robo1 KO mice 170828 C57BL/6J
B-Robo4 KO mice 170904 C57BL/6N
B-Rspo1 KO mice 170924 C57BL/6N
B-Rtn4r KO mice 170891 C57BL/6N
B-S100a9 KO mice 170829 C57BL/6N
B-S1pr4 KO mice 113219 C57BL/6N
B-Selplg KO mice 170837 C57BL/6N
B-Serpinb13 KO mice 170933 C57BL/6N
B-Serpine1 KO mice 170822 C57BL/6N
B-Siglec15 KO mice 112223 C57BL/6N
B-Siglecg KO mice 112318 C57BL/6N
B-Sirpa KO mice 170824 C57BL/6N
B-Slc16a1 KO mice 170838 C57BL/6N
B-Snca KO mice 113214 C57BL/6JNifdc
B-Sost KO mice(C) 112299 BALB/c
B-Spp1 KO mice 170841 C57BL/6N
B-Sstr2 KO mice 170839 C57BL/6N
B-Steap1 KO mice 170898 C57BL/6N
B-Tff1 KO mice 170844 C57BL/6N
B-Tgfb2 KO mice 170845 C57BL/6N
B-Tgm2 KO mice 170846 C57BL/6N
B-Tigit KO mice 170945 C57BL/6
B-Tim3 KO mice 170923 C57BL/6N
B-Tl1 KO mice 170940 C57BL/6N
B-Tlr2 mice 170859 C57BL/6N
B-Tlr3 KO mice 112696 C57BL/6N
B-Tlr4 KO mice 112693 C57BL/6N
B-Tnfrsf17 KO mice 170847 C57BL/6N
B-Tnfrsf18 KO mice 112673 C57BL/6
B-Tnfsf10 KO mice 170851 C57BL/6N
B-Tnfsf11 KO mice 170850 C57BL/6
B-Tnfsf14 KO mice 170867 C57BL/6N
B-Tnfsf18 KO mice 170932 C57BL/6N
B-Trem2 KO mice 170912 C57BL/6N
B-Trem2 KO mice(C) 112697 BALB/C
B-Trop2 KO mice 170882 C57BL/6N
B-Uts2r KO mice 113212 C57BL/6N
B-Vcp KO mice 170937 C57BL/6N
B-Vipr1 KO mice 170853 C57BL/6J
B-Vsir KO mice 170903 C57BL/6N
B-hFFAR1 KO mice 170930 C57BL/6N
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