Product Product No Background Application Fields
B-Abcb4 KO mice(C) 112978 BALB/cCrSlcNifdc
B-Adipor1 KO mice 111259 C57BL/6N
B-Apoa4 KO rats 210505 Sprague Dawley Cardiovascular system
B-Apoe KO mice 110168 C57BL/6 Hyperlipidemia, atherosclerosis mice model (Cardiovascular system)
B-Apoe KO rats 210508 Sprague Dawley Cardiovascular system (hyperlipidemia, atherosclerosis)
B-DIO mice 112938 C57BL/6JNifdc
B-F11r KO mice 112452 C57BL/6N
B-F8 KO mice 110169 C57BL/6N Hemophilia mice model
B-F9 KO mice 110170 C57BL/6 Hemophilia mice model
B-F9 KO/hALB mice 111879 C57BL/6
B-Fmr1 KO mice 112852 C57BL/6N
B-Grn KO mice 112567 C57BL/6N
B-Hbb-bt KO, Hbb-bs KO mice 113046 C57BL/6N This product is used for pharmacodynamics evaluation of thalassemia.
B-Igh-J KO mice 111116 C57BL/6N
B-Igh-J KO mice(C) 111127 BALB/cCrSlcNifdc
B-Ins2*C96Y mice 112023 C57BL/6N
B-Irs2 KO mice 112022 C57BL/6N
B-Ldlr KO rats 210506 Sprague Dawley Diabetes and obesity research, cardiovascular research, metabolism research etc.
B-Mc4r KO mice 112986 C57BL/6JNifdc This product is used for pharmacodynamics of diet-induced hepatic steatosis, hepatic fibrosis.
B-Mecp2 KO mice 112853 C57BL/6N
B-NDG Kit W41 mice 112914 B-NDG

This product can accept human hematopoietic stem cell transplantation without irradiation, making it suitable for research in the fields of blood and immunity.

B-Pink1 KO rats 210509 Sprague Dawley Parkinson disease model
B-PrP-hAPP-hPS1 rats 210510 Sprague Dawley Alzheimer’s disease
B-Rag2/F8 DKO mice 112250 C57BL/6
B-Trp53 mKI(p.Arg172His) mice 110875 C57BL/6N
B-Uox KO mice plus 113135 C57BL/6JNifdc
B-hIGHA1 hCD89 mice 112799 C57BL/6N
B-ob/ob mice 110172 C57BL/6N Diabetes mice model
B-p53 KO mice 110167 C57BL/6 Tumorigenesis drug test
B-p53 KO mice(C) 112011 BALB/cCrSlcNifdc
B-p53 KO mice(C3H) 112007 C3H
B-p53 KO mice(DBA2) 112012 DBA2
B-p53 KO mice(FVB) 112008 FVB
B-p53 KO mice(ICR) 112010 ICR
B-p53 KO rats 210507 Sprague Dawley Tumor formation, drug detection
B-vk*MYC mice 112303 C57BL/6N
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