BsAb Discovery Platform

RenLite®: Our fully human antibody platform for bispecific antibody discovery

Biocytogen’s RenLite® model is a humanized antibody mouse that contains the full human immunoglobulin heavy chain variable domain in place of the endogenous murine loci. Instead of inserting the entire kappa light chain, however, the kappa chain variable domain was replaced by a single human common kappa chain. Like RenMab™RenLite® mice were also generated using size-unlimited chromosome engineering technology (SUPCE).

Streamlined discovery of humanized bispecific/multispecific antibodies

Presence of the single human common kappa chain ensures light chain complementarity for the future discovery of bispecific antibodies. As a result, the RenLite® model allows for fully human antibody production with maximum developability for the recognition of multiple antigens.

Our team has discovered numerous antibodies using our RenLite model for out-licensing and co-development.

For more information about our RenLite-derived common light chain model or antibodies, contact us for a full list of our assets or download our brochure.

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