Humanized Antibody Mice

Biocytogen's RenMab™ and RenLite™ mouse models are powerful tools for generating fully human antibodies.

Humanized Antibody production

For fully human antibody production, we strongly recommend licensing the use of our RenMab™ or RenLite™ strains.  

Advantages of our humanized antibody (RenMab) mouse model:

Highest range of human Vh and Vk diversity

RenMab™ mice carry the full human variable region repertoire, allowing for the in vivo discovery of fully human antibodies with high affinity, low immunogenicity, and favorable developability

In vivo discovery allows for the natural pairing of human heavy and light chains, which minimizes the need for excessive rounds of late-stage antibody engineering and validation that is necessary when using other in vitro discovery methods. 


RenMab mice harbor the full human variable domain in situ

Biocytogen’s humanized RenMab™ mouse was generated using chromosome engineering. This proprietary, Mb-scale editing technology enabled the efficient replacement of the entire murine immunoglobulin heavy chain and kappa light chain variable domains (including distal Vk) with the corresponding human immunoglobulin variable domains in situ.


Native/intact VDJ gene regulation

The use of our chromosome engineering technology means that the entire human immunoglobulin locus, including the noncoding regions surrounding the VDJ loci, remains intact in the RenMab model.


Maturation and selection of human antibodies in vivo

To ensure robust immune cell responses and proper B cell development, the murine constant region in the RenMab™ family remains intact. The constant domain is then easily swapped with the human constant domain at later stages.


Maximum diversity

The germline gene usage of naïve B cells closely mimics human gene usage. Thus, RenMab™ mice generate a highly diverse B cell repertoire for the maximum recovery of successful antibody hits with high affinity.


Low Immunogenicity

When murine antibodies are humanized in vitro prior to drug development, they have a higher probability of generating an anti-drug immune response (ADA). Producing fully human antibodies in our RenMab™ model ensures that your antibody candidates will be of higher quality and have a higher success rate during clinical development.


RenLite™: Our humanized antibody mouse platform for bispecific antibody discovery RenLite schematic

Like RenMab™, Biocytogen’s RenLite™ model is a humanized antibody mouse that contains the full human immunoglobulin heavy chain variable domain in place of the endogenous murine loci. In contrast, the kappa chain variable domain has been replaced by a single human common kappa chain.


Streamlined discovery of humanized bispecific/multispecific antibodies

Presence of the single human common kappa chain ensures light chain complementarity for the future discovery of bispecific antibodies. As a result, the RenLite™ model allows for fully human antibody production with maximum developability for the recognition of multiple antigens.


Gene editing Renmab™ and RenLite™ mice

For highly homologous and challenging targets, gene knockout in Renmab™/RenLite™ humanized antibody models offers an ideal solution for fully human antibody production. Biocytogen’s premier gene editing team is fully equipped to efficiently generate F0 mice in as little as 4 months.

RenMice HiTS Platform for Challenging Targets

To extend the utility of the RenMab™ model for homologous and challenging targets (such as GPCRs), Biocytogen is working with global collaborators to create knockout mice for over 1,000 targets on the RenMab™ background. Learn more about the RenMice HiTS (Hyperimmune Target Specific) Platform and view the recent progress of the HiTS Library here. Licensing and partnership opportunities are available.

TCR-Mimic (TCRm) Platform for Intracellular Targets

For intracellular targets, our HLA-transgenic RenMab™ mice can be used to generate fully human TCR-like antibodies that are specific for human HLA-antigen-peptide (pHLA) complexes. Check out our recent TCR-mimic poster to learn more.


Biocytogen’s RenMab™ and RenLite™ humanized antibody mouse models are powerful tools for generating fully human antibodies.

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